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  1. Im having the same issue 12 volt on black wire, what wire did you end up connecting that to ? any pics thanks

  2. I might upgrade to that as the previous owner put some H4 housings in, but there are no relays or anything in place. Thanks for the tips!
  3. It ended up being the ground wire from the dimmer switch to headlight switch, it was connected and tested continuity fine, but the connection wasn't strong enough for the headlights. When I ran an independent ground wire from the dimmer switch to the chassis they came on. I put on new connectors on the original wire and the headlights work finally.
  4. Oops! It's a '72 with factory wiring (from what I can tell) for all of the lighting, switches, etc. except for the conversion to MSA blade style fuse box. I do have a service manual and have looked through the diagrams and tested to my ability the switches which appear to be functioning properly at the switch level. The fact I had power to the ground (black) wire on the headlight plug is what was confusing to me and I hadn't seen anyone else in a search with similar issue. I'm reduced to guessing, and not having a thorough understanding lead me to the question. I manually traced a
  5. I had the whole interior taken out when having the car painted. Prior to, headlights and everything worked fine. I've since put the dash back in and got the car running and everything works fine except for the headlights and turn signals. Both the combo switch and dimmer switch are rebuilt and seem to be working fine. I do have a couple of individual wires with no home in the steering column that I can't identify on the wiring harness and have no power or continuity to ground (seen in the pic below). 1. Tested 12V at both HL fuses (upgraded MSA blade fuse panel) when switched on 2.
  6. Wow, what a great looking install! This is very clean and professional looking and seems to fit really well inside the car.
  7. I'm fixed so no worries about the family lol I'll keep the thread updated as I go, just ordering a half dozen gauges tonight to finish out a whole new interior I've got coming together. I'll get some updated pictures once I finish that up...
  8. Might as well just update this thread. New walbro 255 pump tossed on there and re-did the fuel line is redone. Had McKinney weld up their coil-over setup too. Rides much better, typical bouncey suspension, but feels pretty good. With the new pump the car idles much better and now pulls smoothly in every gear, knock counts on the powerFC are much reduced as well. ...now to rebuild the steering, swap the rear brakes, and replace any worn bushings.
  9. Sorry, I don't visit the forums often! I'll get the wheel size and offset as soon as I get the car back from the shop. I assume 16x7, the tires rub a bit up front and hit the fender lip in the back over bumps while driving, but otherwise okay. I drive the car regularly, only issue so far has been a sticking wastegate. Right now I'm having the strut towers cut out and welded up for a coilover setup. When it comes back, I have to sort out a vibration issue I think is related to an out of balance driveshaft and then little stuff like rebuild the steering rack.
  10. Along the bottom edge on one and top edge on the other (same place since the panels were put in opposite each other).
  11. Got mine in the mail the other day. They look great, quality is nice and will be awesome when installed. There was a small 1/2" nick from being thrown around by USPS, but nothing I can't fix with a little tape when I cover them with vinyl. Very happy with them!!
  12. Possible to still get in on this right now for a set?
  13. Already put a weekend worth of elbow grease with some rubbing and polishing compound and the old paint polishes out like new. I'll take care of the rust later on once the rest of the car is done. Not a big fuel cell fan for something that will see more street than track use, so I'm probably going to keep the same idea and weld up a surge tank like I had in an old L28ET setup. Already ordered a bunch of interior bits and carpet kit to clean up the interior. I've got some sound deadening liquid to put down and get the interior all cleaned up and working/looking better than new. A pai
  14. What size are you guys buying for the tach and speedo? They don't seem to offer bigger than 4" in the speedo, but I thought the Z used 5"?
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