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  1. bushido431

    Ecoboost swap

    I have been seriously considering 2.3 or 3.5 swap myself.
  2. bushido431

    Wigenout-S30's Z

    How wide are the flares you have on?
  3. bushido431

    5.0 T5 shifter location

    Engine is back as far as I can get it and still have A/C. I modified the console so it could be mounted forward 1 inch and fabricated a shift handle with further rearward offset.
  4. bushido431

    5.0 T5 shifter location

    I just bought my father's 280z back after 15 years. When my father did the engine conversion in 87 he made a custom center console because the shifter was too far forward, I want to put a factory console back in. Does anyone know of a way to get shifter close to srock location. Possibly swapping tailshaft with 3rd Gen Camaro or 280zx Turbo? I'm considering fabricating a remote shifter. If anyone else has solved this issue please post up.
  5. bushido431

    HybridZ Apparel and Decals - ORDER HERE

    Is there any decals or shirts still available?
  6. bushido431

    Wigenout-S30's Z

    What springs are you using? Love the car by the way.
  7. bushido431

    S30 Roof

    I need a donor roof that I can use the roof skin to replace the sunroof roofs kin on my 280.
  8. ZR8ED, What rear flares are on your car? That Z is badass.