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  1. Im still here and still making panels. However, I no longer offer the factory panel. If anyone is interested in the door panels with the the speaker provisions, I'm available. I do in fact have one set that I can ship asap if needed.
  2. I don't have any more reject carbon panels
  3. Hey Guys, I have I have some inventory that I need moved. I have three sets of factory panels, One set is a carbon fiber reject - two layers of carbon and a stiffening layer = very light and very strong. The vacuum bag didn't seal and it has air pockets in them, not terribly bad looking. Two other sets of fiberglass panels - normal stock One set of speaker panels - Normal stock Priced to move on all panels -$180 SET, plus shipping. Text me for pics as my photobucket is wiggin out and not accepting my pics. 510-938-8297 Pete
  4. Speaker panels accept pretty much any speaker 6.5 or smaller. Take into consideration that not all speaker grills are the same size and may need modification
  5. Exactly! I have a cracker jack load of this stuff laying around.
  6. Those are nice looking panels! Someone should buy them and post feedback about there quality... can't really beat that price for an upholstered door card
  7. Currently all the panels are factory panels with no holes or speaker provisions. I can however lay up a set with speaker provisions and have them ready for monday shipment if needed Pete
  8. Hmmmm I don't think the handles or the upper door panel is "Real" carbon. I've been laying this stuff for 14 years and I can tell you from experience that your not going to get a real carbon handle for that price. The manufacturing cost to produce a multi piece mold to create that handle would be stupid expensive ... not to mention the time it would take to get it properly laid up. Not knocking his product, his sh** is NOICE! I just don't believe its real carbon.
  9. I've seen a few center consoles that we're cracked where they attach to the car...indeed in bad shape. I guess if I had enough interest I would consider doing a center console, maybe modify it to peoples taste?
  10. FYI Guys... I have a 5 sets of factory panels ready to ship. 1 set is carbon, 4 set are fiberglass. 275 for fiberglass and 375 for the carbon
  11. Ya know I can make these in Fiberglass and carbon? the pic on the left is my own design with speaker provisions and the right side is a factory panel. Both are wrapped but I can make them in real carbon fiber as well... just sayin.
  12. Nope, CF panels are 275 plus the additional cost of the carbon fiber.... whatever the market rate is these days. 50-65 a yard or so... I'd have to check.
  13. I concur with OldAndyAndTheSea.... If I could offer my .02. Its easier, more cost effective, quicker and without question you will end up with a better mold (Class A) if and when you work with a male plug (for all the reasons stated above) I would never ever sand the finish in any of my molds! PKZ I'm in the South Bay so if you need assistance or advice drop me a PM
  14. Hey guys, Yep I'm still here and I'm still producing the door cards/panels. I'm not sure where the $1000 price tag came from but that's WAY OFF!! I did increase the price but only by 25 bucks. So a set of panels are $275 plus shipping. If and when any of you are interested in panels drop me a an IM and I'll get back to you within a few days. Pete
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