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    sr20 240z weighed

    My SR20DET280Z weighs 2480 lbs without me in the driver's seat. It is a 1978 280z without bumpers. I guess mine is hog compared to these others. I do have the heavier 280z with an R200 with LSD and Konig rewind wheels. Nothing is weight saving, I guess. Full 3" exhaust is probably heavy too. I am turning about 400whp though so the power/weight ration is better than 7 lb/hp even with me in it and it transfers the power to the ground nicely.
  2. Why do so many of our Z people end up going to prison??? Is it that we have a huge population of members and only the pro-rata share goes? Is it that the exhaust fumes from Z's cause brain damage? I mean I have been here a while and have seen people go for everything from weapons violations to murder...
  3. Lewis Maudlin

    $1000 280zxt dynod 280whp?!

    I believe people are innocent until proven guilty. However, in this case, thumper should not have been given bail since he was out on bail when he allegedly committed this crime. Apparently, thumper was on bail for theft at the time of the murder. BTW, the victim was bound with tape over her hands and eyes before being robbed and shot in the head. The tape had thumpers fingerprints on it. I am glad this crime occurred in Texas.
  4. Wait, I am confused, are you talking about the .270 WSM or the .270. Last time I checked, they were different cartridges with different ballistics and different powders.
  5. My suggestion to get a good rep is to do good work for free. Where is your shop?
  6. Lewis Maudlin

    CarFAX Checks

    Hey Z-Noob, check out my latest post about carfax. I found one car with a clean carfax that I was considering buying. It turns out the car was reported as having frame damage.
  7. Lewis Maudlin

    Carfax misses damage

    I have been looking for a used car. Some guy on here recently purchased unlimited carfax reports. I was using carfax. I just found out that carfax misses some damage. I was looking at a particular car which carfax shows as having no accidents and no damage. Autocheck shows it has or had frame damage!!! That is pretty serious. I looked it up online and carfax apparently does not receive reports from certain places. http://www.cbsatlanta.com/investigates/19086976/detail.html WOW!!
  8. Lewis Maudlin

    Suggestions for new sport compact, HELP.

    ROFL. I have a 4 banger in my Z. Wanna race? Modern 4 bangers put out tons of power. My little Z puts out 400whp and gets 30 mpg. You must be driving weak 4 cylinders. There are weak 6 cylinders and a 1970's V8 350sbc was only rated at 170 hp. The only lexus's and bmw's I can find in my area are either 2004 or older (6 years) or more than 50,000 miles or cost more than 20k.
  9. Lewis Maudlin

    Suggestions for new sport compact, HELP.

    The only Evo's I find have too many miles. Like I said $10-20k
  10. Lewis Maudlin

    Suggestions for new sport compact, HELP.

    Yeah, I guess I might be able to find a 7 year old bmw that would work. I should have put that in my criteria, I don't really want anything more than 5 years old.
  11. Lewis Maudlin

    Suggestions for new sport compact, HELP.

    Can you find a nice less than 50k mile bmw 3 series in under 20k? I don't think you can unless you find an old low mileage one.
  12. Lewis Maudlin

    CarFAX Checks

    WVWHV71K68W093743 It is a GTI I am considering
  13. Lewis Maudlin

    Need HBZ input: best way to deal with carwash?

    No, that is not what I said, please read. The car wash could have done the damage. So could a million other things. The point is that you have no idea what did it, so you are just going to try to get someone to pay for the damage. The car wash could. A person in a parking lot could. A shopping card with plastic protetors could. A drunk chihuahua could. But I guess the neighbor's dog probably doesn't have insurance. Since you don't know where the damage came from, I agree, just pick someone with insurance and accuse them. Seems like the fairest thing to do.
  14. Lewis Maudlin

    Need HBZ input: best way to deal with carwash?

    Now that, I have seen a lot. Even in my touchless, trim will come off. I can't imagine what the friction washes do to trim.
  15. Lewis Maudlin

    Suggestions for new sport compact, HELP.

    After doing a couple of hours of research online, I am leaning toward the VW GTI. All of the comparisons between it and the mazdaspeed 3 say the GTI is a better car but the mazda is faster overall. I think that can be cured with just a chip flash.