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  1. I'm on there too. as well as mightycarmods. In fact, I'm on so many different forums that I don't update any of them.
  2. Hey, this build is an awesome idea! That pic that you referenced is not my build, but I am swapping a vh into the same chassis. The person in that picture pretty much completely cut away their frame rails. this leaves very little in the way of structural support up front. If you really need to cut your rails for clearance, I recommend doing them at 45 degree angles like the blue twin turbo vh45 z that started this whole swap idea. http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/pages/q45v8z-testfit.html. Personally, I just turned my engine a bit and am ignoring the fact that I need to build headers sometime in the future. Also, if you have the fabrication skills to do this swap, you might want to consider relocating your accessories. you can even spin them around and mount them backwards if you like.
  3. http://forums.nicoclub.com/new-280z-owner-t543908.html
  4. I hope that you are selling it all to someone else that wants to do the swap
  5. tons of pics and updates, but I'm too lazy to upload them here right now, because I just updated my NICO thread. I've gotten the old engine and trans out. Picked up a new trans. That's the bulk of it.
  6. I hate to be that guy, but you should know that Nissan under-rated the Q45 hp at the flywheel. It makes closer to 310hp.
  7. I too am doing the vh swap. Mine is into a 77 280z. Mine also falls under the not complete category. Mine is also a budget build and that seems to be rare.
  8. I see you watching me. What are you doing now that you sold your motor? I'm not using my stock one.
  9. There is a guy in Ocala named Kim. z cars of ocala is the business I think. Never did any business with him, but he might have something for you.
  10. The VH41DE did not have the variable valve timing so its rated hp and tq were correct. the heads also didn't flow quite as good. There are rumors that it is 1" skinnier. There are tons of other differences.
  11. I am sorry for your lack of progress. I've started my own. My link
  12. This is a long term project that I have recently taken on. The car is a 1977 280Z. It does not run and I will eventually be selling the engine and 4speed. The engine is a '90 VH45DE. It will be coupled to a 300zx transmission. This is a long term project. I am in school and basically broke. This will all be done by me so progress will be slow. If you are excited and frustrated at the pace, believe me, you aren't as impatient as I am
  13. I'm not a VK person, but I have the VH45. It is truly an amazing motor. Aluminum block and heads, 6900rpm, actual power around 310hp 330lbft, forged internals, full crank girdle, 6 bolt mains, low friction pistons, high coolant flow heads, bracing in the valley, other things i'm forgetting. Some people on nico and v8nissans have over 400hp confirmed boosted on factory internals and there is talk all the time of 600hp on stock internals. There were NO manual transmissions offered. there are a couple of adapters that companies offer to hook them up to the 5speed from a 300zx. Mazworx is the company that most people seem to go to. apparently their product is great, but their customer service sucks. I would go to nicoclub(dot)com to find out more info about the two engines you are interested in.
  14. This guy deleted all of his information. There is no build write up that I have found. His cardomain no longer exists and his youtube channel doesn't exist. Neither does his photo account. As someone who is about to do the same swap, I'm upset
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