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  1. It's looking good bro! I've been wanting to do this for the longest time but finding a decent 240 is rather fun around these parts. So instead I picked up a decent 1986 Corolla to mess with for now. Soon I'll get a 240 and probably go the same route you are. But time will tell. Keep up the good work bro! Did you decide on the rear end?
  2. I think another member on here got his car blasted there too
  3. That looks really sexy....I see a home depot lip too! Are those the Yz rears? and nothing done to the front?
  4. can ya do the above? and if you can how much??
  5. 3" v band like this: then the other flange I need is just a 4 bolt flange with a 3" opening. I'll have to measure the length and width of it. It's for my downpipe: Or if it's easier I can send out the flange to you?
  6. Jeff can you help the rest of us out?? LOL I was looking to get some 3" v-band flanges cut and a few other flanges (SRT-4 3" downpipe and Exhaust manifold flanges and a friend needs some H23 flanges) Let me kno if you can help.
  7. I'm actually looking for someone that can cut some flanges for me. ANyone know of anyone or a place??
  8. Why not get an electric cutout on your down pipe from QTP or MCcord?? Keep your existing exhaust and then when you want to flip a switch and open the plate get the dump off the down pipe no more restriction... here are some pictures from MCcord: http://www.mccordcg.com/mpp/pictures.htm and some from QTP http://www.quicktimeperformance.com/QTEC/index.php
  9. http://rossmachineracing.com/plenumextrusions.html How about something like this? the website has all kinds of things to build an intake mani and what not...even has throttlebody adapters and plates...
  10. I've seen many an exhaust with cut outs on the downpipe the only downsides i've seen/heard is the flames and the fumes and running a bit leaner i think it was.
  11. lol I was close. 80LT1....80LS1 ehh close enough. Post up some pics bro I want to see how you did it.
  12. I agree. hidplanet has some awesome info on retrofitting OEM projectors into your headlights. There's actually someone here that is retrofitting some projectors into the headlights I think it was 81lst?? He was doing a good job so far I want to see how much further he's gotten to now.
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