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  1. Yes,this suspension will work fine. I was going to upgrade to custom Stance coilover set up. THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD. I never completed the project due to money issues. I'm sorry there haven't been updates. I WILL build a 1JZ 240Z in the future.
  2. Finally got some time to work and order some parts for this damn car, motor should be in next week on my custom crossmember. - Ian.
  3. Looks good, but spray the tank black and put an exhaust on it. Orange is hot, and I usually hate orange. - Ian.
  4. That chassis is going to twist so fast... - Ian.
  5. Looking good, now lower the car! The motor sits so nicely, I can't wait to get my 1JZ mounted. - Ian.
  6. Sounds fun. Mine is a highway/drift car.
  7. The cross member is alright. The tubes should be gusseted to the L-plate, but whatever. I hope this swap doesn't become that popular. Its kind of nice only having a few of us running around.
  8. Looks like we're both going at this project the same exact way! The only difference is I have no fuel cell, I'm using EZ Wiring instead of Painless ($180 cheaper than Painless), and I'm fabricating my own crossmember. Great build. What are your plans with the car? Road racing, drag, etc.?
  9. The solid mounts are different, but if you use the 5M rubber mounts, you can put it in.
  10. Progress is looking good. Body work is such a pain, but so worth it.
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