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  1. Are you using the stock ignition? IE the 280zx cam sensor dizzy?
  2. Awesome coils, I had a nightmare trying to do that with a CAS in MS2, i scrapped it and swapping to MS3 and I hope I have less issues with noise!
  3. I'm thinking non-ac and AC needs a different heater control valve. Anyways, I need one to test on the 2 z's I have, and for a spare. One car is stuck on heat, and the other leaks when on hot. Don't want to take it all apart without a few spare parts Colorado we need heat!
  4. Megasquirt is like any other open source type project, it has many "testers" and developers. I took me about a year to get my megasquirt all working perfectly with all of the extras I wanted working on it. Anyone can get a simple MSII install done within a few days, assuming you build it correctly. The biggest problem I had was noise caused by my coil on plug, which is very hard to determine where the problem lies without a really good scope. Finally got it running smooth, and its by far the most fun project i've tackled yet. If you want something easy, or don't want to make custom parts, stick with a distributor. I'm glad there is a huge userbase of megasquirt or I would have never figured out all my problems. msextra.com has tons of help, as well as msefi.com Also, getting rid of the maf was awesome, map+tps is by far more responsive and also more efficient in my car.
  5. I have a stock hy35 that i'm getting setup. I have seen a lot of people modify theirs for a vband setup and mine is just a bolt on normal holset flange that goes to the stock dodge downpipe, which I do have but I would like to stay away from. Can I modify this turbo to make a vband seal on the exhaust to downpipe? Or do I need to just create a downpipe with a holset flange (they sell these on ebay all day)? A little confused on how these holsets are, maybe some have vband and some don't? Thanks!
  6. Great work on this car, I can't believe your selling it! Thanks for all the great ideas
  7. Also maybe try and load the map manually, dont import it, maybe some of that data is corrupt.
  8. Finally got this working. I will post up a video of the running engine finally. Actually runs GREAT with the LSx coils. With no tuning yet. Here is a "almost" working video: Just got excited and had to post something!
  9. I have that exact same tester, used when i was having fuel pump issues. Be careful with it, because it does leak VERY bad. I would not use it while driving ever.
  10. I have one, but i'm still using it in my car Great engine.
  11. supra 440cc, pretty common, can't believe someone hasn't done this already. When I get my extra set I will send you one.
  12. Still no 440cc injector info? I'm going to buy a spare set, and I can send you a few to test if you would like.
  13. You know how nothing ever fits right . I did adjust it all the way and had to grind a little on it. I will take it off and grind a little more. I just thought it was close enough. But I have learned my lesson now
  14. Gap was a little too far away, moved the vr sensor in a little, after modding it. Perfect sync now.
  15. There is no way to "move" it actaully. Using derek's setup, and I fixed the problem (or so I think) I was the gap between the sensor and wheel, his setup is not really adjustable, but I will have to mod it a little to get it closer. I taped the VR sensor on to the correct gap tonight and it synced perfect. I'm going to test the fan / alternator setup first before I get it all installed to make sure there is no noise. Thanks!
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