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  1. hows your car doing???

  2. ok if you want to be a little girl and get:malebitch go with the VQ.. But if you want to be a bad savage :trippen:and turn heads RB26tt
  3. the auto ecu will shift a little smoother then the mannny.. it wont matter ether way witch one you use ....the ecu's really just control the fuel injection crap ...there wont be any change that you will be able to see between to two.. i used a auto euc with a five speed and it worked fine you just get a nicer smoother shift with the auto ecu..
  4. nice find now that's the kinda thing i'am looking for ...you are one lucky s.o.b
  5. so its been a long time sence i have had a the net at my house well just got it hooked up today .sorry if i didnt answer your pm..there where a few people that asked me for help while i was out ..well iam back and even though i dont own a z or zx we still have a nissan out front and ya iam looking to buy a z and get back to work on a project again.i dont kno0w..maybe i will get a Ae and put a l28et in it lol . so ya hit me up if you need anything.
  6. there will another z build up ether 240zT 280zT or 280zxT it will happen
  7. ya that's my home town park.i help build it about seven years ago;-) i find the handicap ramp on the other side of the park even funnyer. stupid city of seqium .i told them it wouldnt ever be needed .they wouldn't listen:cuss: man i miss my Z .on a better note i talked to my bro .looks like we will be working something out on the brown 1973 240z . needs lots tlc of as i said befor . i want to strip it down . paint it and build it from the ground up .. hopfully it still up in the air . there is also a red 280z 1977 .the guy wants $400 its workable just a lot of work... i dont know what i will do . but i have to get back to a project soon iam going crazy not having anything to work on.
  8. trany was going out ... no space to work on her .needed a back seat for my daughter. winter 2007 someone stoped short and I rearend them messing up the rate core support and when i fixed it , it never looked right . .sold her on craigslist seattle for $1800.00 my brother has a brown 1973 240z in the front yard . it needs lots of work he really want to get rid of it .he said he was going to send it to the junk yard...but i keep telling him .its mine. dont do anything with it. SO ........ i think iam going to start something with it . maybe RB25 swap...
  9. i am a stupid fool................ i sold my z about 8 months ago i miss her so bad .looking though this post this morning makes me so sad.. if you are a z owner dont be stupid like me dont sell her...
  10. nope it was a auto it's wierd that it just worked for me ..had to hook up the back up lights but other than that it worked and starts fine..................
  11. i want to see pics of your setup edit.....dam http://speedfreak.nu/modules.php?set_albumName=album437&id=aah&op=modload&name=gallery&file=index&include=view_photo.php
  12. i didnt have to connect park/neutral and i did turbo swap and 5 speed install using a auto ecu ..hmhmhh
  13. i used a t3/t4 from a 89 saab turbo .had to reclock the turbo so it would bolt up right .but man dos it spool up fast .i have hit 15 psi and the books say that this turbo is good for up to 23psi ..there pretty cheep i got mine for 40 bucks from a junkyard .still after a year of hard use there's is no shaft play .
  14. yes i do want them very badly .i sent you a pm ..
  15. i cant figure it out ...it's ether something in my wiring or airflow meter but when she starts to boost she cuts out ..some times i can hit 7 psi just fine...before the problem started i was pushing 10 or 12psi .. but now i hit 3 or 4 and it cuts out .tomarrow i will be messing with her and seeing if i can fix the problem ..i really need a few ideas where to start.. and new turbo air flow meter also it would be nice if i could find a 81 wiring harrness to swap in i think it could be the ecu plugs .but iam not sure yet .well anyone have any ideas or the parts i need let me know .thanks .
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