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  1. disconect battery from car and fuel pump as well so nothing has power... get a 11v rc battery rig a power/neg make sure its the right way or pump will run backwards... conect to battery and there you go. no more then a couple seconds at time tho... or just sit in car and turn key off n on like your suposre to....lol
  2. i put a new l6 im my z and stated up drove it for a bit but then today i notice a lil bit of smokes coming out the blow off valve! does any one know why? or have any one of you guys had this problem?
  3. yeah stock tho... why wats up
  4. would it be possible if i can get the dashboard?
  5. its in the p90 soild lifter head. im going to just use my old head with every thing in it. its also a p90 my old engine ran really good and strong the cam really came alive as soon as you nailed it. so i got to pull it off my old block anyway hopefully this weekend!!!!!! i dont have any use for it. just offer me what ever for it and its yours
  6. im pulling out my schneider stage 2 cam and putting in my old cam your more than welcome to it.
  7. no other mods running stock turbo every thing stock except for scheider stage 2 cam , rockers, springs, lash pads and pistons.my old engine had a lot of pull in every gear but had really bad knock in the bottom end so i replaced it. and ever since i got it the boost wont kick in right ima check the timing tomorrow. i was trying to say crapy boost you cant say ♥♥♥♥ they block it
  8. yeah i see it's worn out ima have to take my valve cover off and check! i bought the engine off ebay and it has the same kit you have rockers, springs, lash pads, everything and the guy told me he got the kit from msa also he said he paid $549.95 how much was yours? also how do i get a hold of msa? let me get there number if you got it
  9. what do you think i should do change the cam or what i really think the cam the problem
  10. what does your rpm read just idling mine read 1200 and vac is 15. are you happy with your cam so far? i think i might put in my old one
  11. my new engine has the scheider stage 2 cam and the vaccum reads really high is that bad? the car is boosting really ♥♥♥♥ is that why?
  12. maybe about 20 pounds and i know i going to need a fuel management system may be megasquirt
  13. im looking for a good turbo for a 83 280zx engine. i kinda dont know which one to pick. hope you guys can help me
  14. um i not sure wat gears im running in the rear
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