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  1. Derek: A 60-2 Version of the Crank kit would sale as well! Kevin
  2. Try looking in the Sporting Goods Store for Aluminum Baseball Bats! Or use a Baseball Bat as a Mandrel to form your taper! Hope that helps! Kevin
  3. Hahahah! This project is on Permenent Hold guy! We have way to many other projects ahead of this one! We can build an ITB kit for the motor if that's where your interest lies, but if your mainly interested in the Motor Swap we can't help Sorry! Thanks Kevin
  4. Car was sold to a very happy Customer in the Biloxi MS. Area! Hopefully he will continue to develop the potential of the Motor! Kevin
  5. Tony: I just saw your Post/Question/Comment! Sorry for not replying sooner! I agree with you if the Electronics is not sophisicated enough to handle the MAP sensor Control functions, then you need Alpha-n/MAP Blend to steady the Load INPUT to inject the correct amount of fuel. The Bullseye is much easier to hit, if it's not jumping all over the place! With that said....................If the Map Sensor is only sampling 1 cylinder, when the cylinder in question is only on the intake stroke in a defined narrow section where you know the exhaust Valve is Closed..................... what do you think? It may NOT develop 30kpa with that high of lift/Dur, but we have a rock steady MAP signal, and only the resolution of the sensor suffers, not make the sensor completely useless at idle! More importantly the MAP sensor Control Function allows fully sequential injection without the hassel of a CAM Sensor! Not trying to Jack this Thread, as this is a COMMON Issue that effects ALL ITB Company's not just Extrudabody! Derek when you install that new CAM, your tuning world is going to change! As I'm sure you know already! Kevin Below are the Parameters JUST TO SET-UP the MAP sensor! We are working on some Cutting Edge $hit here guys! Kevin Thornton www.extrudabody.com 509-498-8555
  6. I hear ya on the Auto-X, I had the BMW with ITB's Screaming the other Day on a TEST Drive and it Spit a Valve Spring at 7000 rpm, and the Dime is getting a new HEAD this week, seems like when Sh#$ happens it all happens at once around here! Here's a Fun Thread........ looking forward to seeing what this does: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1268384 Kevin
  7. What's worse is walking by the Engine Every Day knowing you don't have the time to devote to it! Kevin
  8. I hear ya buddy! "He who hath the gidas, gets did first" Kevin
  9. Hahaha! Well not quite true, but my motives were not all innocent. One from an encouragement point of view as my Mentor "Bob Ream" in this business once said "There's enough room for all of us" you will find Extrudabody reselling his Billet V8 manifolds on our website and he has some nice Throttle Bodies of his own! Now the Selfish part, I was hoping you would need some Kick A$$ Electronics in the near future! Build your Parts Derek, in time it will pay for the tooling, and you never know what door will open next! I finally sold to a Dealer I had prospected 12 years ago! Kevin
  10. Hey Tony: Hopefully Extrudabody will be changing this "pretty advanced ECU incorporating Alpha-N/MAP blend for fuel economy and drivability" very soon! We have a 4 cylinder ITB Set-up running now on Extrudabody Electronics where there's no Alpha-N or MAP Blend and produces 30kpa at Idle. It does require a 60-2 or 30-1 Crank Sensor set-up though! It's also Sequential injection without a CAM sensor, and has a OBD2 Plug that works with most OBD2 Scan Tools! Derek: To quote a famous line in a Movie "If you build it, they will come" You have a product no one can compete with, you are in that Proverbal Ball Park all by yourself! Kevin
  11. Wish we could, hell the best thing is to buy in Cali, fly out, and drive back, hopefully then you have a Rust free Datsun to Sale or Build! Kevin
  12. Take it from someone who has made that trip in a 1978 Z-Car! It's WAY OVER RATED! Hahahaha! It took 7 days, vapor locking thru AZ, NM and TX, it was on a Stock Datsun EFi Fuel Rail though!!
  13. I have no experience with the Harness myself, but it's my understanding the older ECU was easier to use because the Tuner was more familiar with it, and it does not have alot of the Fuel Trim, DBW issues as the VK56 ECU does when it comes to manipulating the software! Kevin
  14. A Little Update: Kurt Scherbaum "Mr. Fabricator" Made over 400hp and 385Tq @ the Wheels with Extrudabody 45mm Taper Bore ITB's and Jim Wolf Tech Cams on an otherwise STOCK MOTOR! Add 20 to 25% for Drivetrain Loses and you see some Fantastic Crank HP/TQ numbers! Kurt Dynoed the Rear Engine Buggy this past weekend at Jim Wolf Technologies HQ in Southern California with tuning help by "Clark" of JWT fame on a converted VH45 ECU & harness running a MAF Sensor and Plenum design seen below! Congrates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a Very special THANKS from Extrudabody to Kurt and his TEAM for there efforts! Kevin
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