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  1. Inspirational project for sure, keep it up! -Nung Thailand
  2. That is what I'm thinking as well, insulation part might cost some serious $$$ I will talk to my builder and see whats up. But I kind of lean toward the ECO/Fans system style that you had mentioned, maybe it worth the research. Back to the drawing board Thx again!
  3. Thank you so much guys, questions! 1) Should I install AC in my garage? I lived in Houston, Texas and during Summer, it is killer here. Anybody have AC garage? How was it? If AC is too expensive, which I think it is. I'm thinking about install bunch of fans for ventilation. 2) Should I do Epoxy Paint floor or Race Deck? This is the part I'm willing to spend a bit more money for eye candy. I also wanted to know how practical they were when it comes to cleaning the floor from oil/dust. Thanks again for all the inputs cheers! -v
  4. Hey there, I'm in the process of building my house and I would love to fix up my garage so I can build my Z. Can someone please post picture of your garage for the inspiration. Do and Don't or Best Practice advices always welcome as well. Thanks again! -V
  5. So I was scooping Craigslist for new parts I found this.... http://houston.craigslist.org/cto/1443083037.html EPIC FAILED?
  6. This dark red..hummmm...yumm..... Also this Gemballa Orange as well Hmmmmm yum@!
  7. Interesting, What was very interesting was that I had the same idea as your but when I did my photo shop on the rear of my car it looked so bad ass but guest what...the scale was wrong. Now I see you put it on and they were quiet big...I'm not so sure anymore if I like it. 50/50 at the moment. I may have to look into other tail light.
  8. Hello Grumpy I'm planning to put 2JZ engine in to my Datsun 240z, I only have a rolling chassis for the Z and the question was, what kind of wiring harness do I need to get my car running? Is this ok? http://stores.ez2wire.com/-strse-37773/AMC-Jeep-Chevy-Chevrolet/Detail.bok -Voravit
  9. Thank you for creating this thread, since I had been looking into 300zx TT LSD, the CV shaft are so hard to find and very expensive if find one, so with these info, it will help me decide what to pick and maybe I should be ok with R200 300zx N/A as well. *Edited* What do you guys about what LSD I should get? I'm planning to put 2JZ TT to my car and will be around 460 HP, street car. thanks for the input.
  10. interesting post, I'm sure once i got my engine stand I will have to go through the samething
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