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  1. Bigdeezs

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    I've been following for years as well. You do great work and this is probably like feedback in general....if no one says anything you are doing well but then it just takes those one or two knuckle heads to ruin it for everyone else who enjoy seeing your updates here.
  2. Bigdeezs

    Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion

    given the new information....my statement stands
  3. Bigdeezs

    Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion

  4. Bigdeezs

    Out with the old, and in with the new.

    this guy and his "new" fuel system ... more like secondary boost referenced fuel system that takes over spraying whatever fuel you choose, so regular fuel out of boost and race gas in boost ...think NRE (Nelson Racing Engines) !
  5. Bigdeezs

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Sorry to jump on the LS bandwagon but put the LS in for "resale" reasons and then drive the car at track as a last hurrah. We'll see if it gets sold after that. My cammed LS1 has been solidly putting down 420 hp for years without issue except a spun rod bearing on a 140k LS1 that saw probably 50 bottles of N20 and countless 500whp passes in my 3800lb Blazer before it was ever put in the Datsun. The Datsun does nothing but hard canyon driving, track days and sporadic straight line racing all while demolishing GTRs, Corvettes, Lambos etc in all of those areas. I have about 13k in it and I've had failures around the motor and that's about it. Most if not all the problems you've seemed to have involve that SBC and supporting equipment.
  6. Bigdeezs

    Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    ^^^^ Very much enjoyed reading that enjoyed that Cobramatt
  7. Bigdeezs

    Hit the dyno yesterday.....

    Maybe drop the shot a bit to 100 or 75 just to keep it planted...? What tires you running?
  8. Bigdeezs

    Hit the dyno yesterday.....

    oh man...any vids?
  9. Bigdeezs

    Hit the dyno yesterday.....

    Awesome results! I'm suprised the Walbro is capable to that level. Cant wait for track #s! I been a bit leary to run the N2O on mine.
  10. Bigdeezs

    Ford 8.8 IRS Conversion

  11. Bigdeezs

    R230 Axle assembly: a pictoral review

    Thanks for the heads up Clive...That axle angle combined with cornering forces is exactly why I dont have much faith in this spring idea. I considered welding a ring in the CV housing itself to stop the balls from popping out but my buddy suggested the spring idea to me and I figure since i have some stock LS1 valve springs sitting around may as well put em to use. Hopefully this will shush up that knocking too
  12. Bigdeezs

    R230 Axle assembly: a pictoral review

    Clive, that would allow the axle to travel too far...which is the main problem. The stop is what keeps the axle from popping out of the CV housing at the other end of the axle...as it wears (or if I was to cut it down as you say) that axles slowly gets closer to the end of the cv housing eventually popping out and causing a ratcheting sound as the balls skip past their slots. Like this:
  13. Bigdeezs

    R230 Axle assembly: a pictoral review

    Well I suffered another axle failure this time with cages installed correctly. The weak link is still the axle stops. I hadn't had any failures before running coil overs and 275 NT01 tires. This leads me to believe that the increased cornering forces are causing the wear to increase rapidly as this time I only got 2-3000 miles out of the stops. I also noticed the axle stops on the outside (wheel side,not diff side) are the only ones with significant wear due to the axle being flung at the stop upon transitions (like being at the outside edge of a spinning merry-go-round). I've always heard the axles banging around when driving spiritedly. I have welded some old valve springs to the axle stops in hopes of reducing the impact forces as well as to try to keep the axles centered. I don't have high hopes for this arrangement but I'll give it a shot.
  14. whoa...when was the N2O added? NICE