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  1. Bumping old thread. I bought some of these but they don't have a spherical bearing. I think using these with coilovers would put a lot of torsional stress on the strut shaft. Atleast with stock it has a done movement with the rubber. Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. I Emailed the address you provided but it came back undeliverable. Are these wheels still being produced? Thanks -Nick
  3. Well I might as well join in posting my xxr 527s too! 16x8.25 245-50-16 in rear 225-50-16 up front, witht the coilovers I might have to move to a different size in the front or add more camber, we'll see still working on the suspension.
  4. Just curious are you running the exhaust setup you had in earlier pics(true duals through those low hanging mufflers)? Also what cam are you running? It sounds great, I was trying to decided on an exhaust for mine and most sbcs sound raspy and hollow.
  5. Hello all. I'm a new member here, my name is Nick. I recently purchased a 76 280 from another member on the board and am now continuing the project and thought you'd all might like to see the progress. Background-From what I gather 2(?)owners ago started the project as an ls1 build. It was blasted and engine bay painted. When I purchased it there was still some swiss cheese hole from the blaster(see pics) in several areas of the car. As we started to fix them we ran into heaps of body filler. Most has been cut out and new metal welded in. Plans - All around street/fun-day/drift car
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