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  1. If you go to this website:- https://www.oer-carburetor.site/ And send them an e-mail asking the question they'll reply and send you a picture, with dimensions, of the type of injector you need I have a reply from them somewhere in my inbox with the above information but can't seem to find it.......
  2. Wheels for setting up your car 😉 The items pictured are more like hub stands as they don't resemble wheels It goes something like this - jack car up - wheel off's - bolt hub stand's to hub's in place of wheel's - lower onto corner weight scales/set up patch - give it a good shake to settle the suspension - adjust away to your hearts desire, without having to fight your way around the wheel that's normally in your way
  3. Do the couple of lobes that have lost material look like they've been overheated? if they do are the oil ways partially blocked or could the original hardening depth be thin where the cam was re-profiled?
  4. I might be massively wide of the mark here but, the bit I've highlighted in red combined with the issue you're having would lead me to believe the engine had this bolt coming loose problem before coming into your possession or if the head had recently been worked whoever had done it had overlooked something, the result being the bolt coming loose
  5. If the threads in the end of the cam are trashed I personally wouldn't want to reuse it or even attempt to Helicoil it either Same for the bolt, if its threads are anything like the threads in the end of the cam again I personally wouldn't reuse As for an underlying issue causing the problem, do you know any history of the engine prior to the bolt coming loose? was it a running engine when it came to you? have you completely rebuilt it or part rebuilt it? left it untouched and just got it running?
  6. Can you check to see if the bolt is bottoming out in the camshaft before its actually pulling up against the cam sprocket?
  7. An alternative to a ZXT distributor is this twin Hall sensor distributor from EFI Hardware https://www.efihardware.com/products/1752/distributor-full-sequential-for-Nissan-L-series-6-cyl
  8. Even though they are called "cooling bodies" you don't actually run coolant as in engine coolant through them Your supposed to route your fuel return line through them but in practice I don't think I've ever seen anyone run with them hooked up My advice for what its worth:- Run without them hooked up to your fuel return line and if the car performs to an acceptable standard call it good and move on to something else
  9. I used to have a pair of Corbeau GT8 Highbacks in my 240Z, they fit well, look period and are very comfortable I modified the mounting points in the floor pan to get the seats lower in the car and to make the base more horizontal as initially it felt a bit like I was being tipped backwards Only moved them on when I got a very good deal on a pair of Recaro Profi SPG's
  10. KEW offer some listed as NISMO http://www.kameariengineworks.co.jp/Catalogue-v3/catalogue-009-L.pdf & http://www.kameariengineworks.co.jp/Catalogue-v3/catalogue-010-L.pdf
  11. If you really want to push the boat out on wheel bearing grease you could try some Kluber Isoflex Topas NB 152 This was recommended to me by the UK Kluber technical department as it has a slightly higher temperature rating that the NB 52 sold by DRP Its not cheap though but I found a place that would sell me one 400g tube I'll report back on it when I get my ass in gear and replace my front wheel bearings, fit the bearing spacers and low drag seals
  12. zbloke

    Engine 001

    Thanks Do you have one of the Nismo oil pump covers with the external ports too? Or have you found a way to add ports to a standard cover?
  13. zbloke

    Engine 001

    Hello, What's the blue fitting in the side of the block for? Regards Tim
  14. Have you tried your nearest Nissan dealer? Pretty sure the part no. is 11024K0100
  15. No direct experience of those but I did have a pair of Corbeau GT8's in my Z for a long time, they're a similar shape and size to the Classic and are very comfortable, only swapped them out when I got my hands on a pair of Recaro Profi SPG's
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