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  1. It's best to pick up the phone & call them...both have taken awhile to respond via email, pretty busy guys.
  2. No one else is going to...not enough demand. Most 280ZX owners don't shell out the cash needed to be able to support a healthy aftermarket...and face it, they are not going to be many on the road in a few years, due to time, neglect, etc. It's just not as popular of a car as a first gen-Z...even though it IS a better car, overall. I have seen a few rough Kaminari cars come up for sale in the past few years...mostly neglected & sitting around for awhile. You may be able to get one cheaply that way & take two cars to make one. It kills me too...seeing a nice part/mod/kit that I'd like, o
  3. Look into soda blasting for your stripping, rather than media blasting. Our cars are pretty thin, and certain types of media will deform & warp the metal you're trying to strip. Also, it's an easy cleanup, since it's just baking soda. There are other options than MSA, btw... http://www.datsunzparts.ca/NewParts/summary.htm Scroll down http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/240z.html http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt93256/Customized_240z_280z_Parts_
  4. Not trying to be too sarcastic, but this IS Hybridz, why not put in a more modern alternative, such as an RB25 or 1JZ? It might wind up costing about the same, in your case, easier to source, with better technology & more power. I don't know about the legality in your area though...Plenty of 1JZ's have made more than 300 rwhp with only a downpipe, intake & free flowing exhaust as mods...and the response is incredible!
  5. Not a Z...but here are 255-40-18's on 10.5" wide rears. 235-40-18 on 9.5" fronts.
  6. See, you support my opinion! No worries either way. I absolutely hate the KA, and won't make any qualms about it. Tiny ring lands that don't hold up to boost, crappy distributor setup, lack of tuning options unless you want to spend big on a standalone. I've got my own experience & reasons for it, going back 10 years. I can't stand when people blast the SR for "having no torque"...99% of the time, they have zero experience with one. Since you want some good data, here's a local "built" KADE+T (total rebuild .20 over, 740cc injector nismo, jim wolf ecu, forged everything. 8.9:1
  7. KA=garbage. Was not meant to be boosted, doesn't last even when built properly.
  8. Try taking off the TPS, coolant temp, & AFM connectors, clean them, grease with dielectric grease...
  9. They'll give you book value...Minus your deductible. FYI, Comprehensive coverage is the CHEAPEST of all. You save maybe $10-20 every 6 months by having your deductible so high. I keep a $0 deductible on my Comprehensive for all my cars, and $150 collision. The difference for me was an increase of only $60 every 6 months over $500 deductible comprehensive & $1000 collision. Comprehensive will cover fire, theft, vandalism, acts of God, windshields, etc.
  10. Maybe if he wanted bad bumpsteer & to blow his shocks...unfortunately, it takes adjustable coilovers to achieve what you'd like visually.
  11. The best? Arizona Z car or Beta Motorsports custom coilovers...
  12. I paid $300 for my last L28E...pulled it myself from a running '78 with 70K on the car. The owner wanted to convert his Z to an electric car...I told him "nothing says I love the environment more than filling your car up with 1,000lbs of hazmat..." and dropped that engine into my '73 240Z.
  13. My '78 came with a larger Weber throttle body, Mallory Igition, & CAI. I added an MSA ceramic coated header, 2 1/2" MSA exhaust system (modified with a resonator & different bullet style muffler). It IS quite a bit quicker after the header & exhaust than prior, however I spent a lot of time tweaking the setup & ensuring everything was working properly. The biggest holdback on a 280z with EFI is the archaic EFI system, not only the head, cam, & compression ratio. You can drop a built L-series engine in, but will be hamstrung by the small injectors, lack of adjustability, res
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