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  1. Hey guys, been a while. I been busy with life, trying to make money and been away from home alot for my job. So I am home for serval weeksends. I am trying to put my old Z back together that I been building for years. I want this year of the summer for her to drive! I would need the good ol Z support. My Z is basically a 1973 240Z that been chopped, gutted, and chassis split into many peices, and reworked it back together, rewelded, seamless welded, four inch bottom sectioned chopped. Modifed a 1987 Corvette Rear IRS into the modfied Datsun Chassis. It had a 1994 Police LT-1 with a t
  2. Thanks guys! Just what I need, I just need to pop those old ones out and put these in, I was hoping to keep it 12x 1.25. Oh well as long they press in nice and tight then I'm happy. Hey mal-tiempo, when they are pressed into the hub how long they come out?
  3. Hoping it can be flush or more inside the adapture,if it sticks out I can always grind some length off. I can go with 1.75 studs. Just hoping someone can point me out where to get correct long studs.
  4. Hey guys, been a while that I been off on the forums, but I am back. I been working in on this Z and this girl isn't stock anymore. I got a pair of 2" wheel spacers for the front to widen my track width because I installed a complete 87 C4 Corvette rear ifs into my Z. The front studs are not long enough, the spacer lug bolts are only grabbing a quarter of the threads, that will worries me if I drive it like that. Can anyone point out where I can get a set of correct 2" studs for the stock hub? Sorry if this a basic question, I just want to get the right stuff when it come to wheels. He
  5. I'll post a build tread for my C4 swap and Z once everything is done. It's kinda my rule to do that. Ill help out with questions and all. Sooner it's done sooner the build tread would follow up. Just hope someone can chime in with my question about the track with differance setup. I almost was going to not narrow it and run wide flares, but I want my Z look little stockish for that sleeper effect, and it's alot easier to get around in a small z.
  6. Should the C4 track width be the same in the front of a Z for a auto cross? The stock c4 setup is about 7 inch wider track than in the front of a first gen Z. I think having the c4 wide is good for drag, but alot of understeer. Making it narrow enough the front track is .5 or 1 inch wider than in the track rear. Corvette Rearend is 80lb lighter than the Oem Datsun Rearend. I think it a great upgrade, less unsprung weight.
  7. Try getting the wheels on first then flares, I think your may stick out 5 to 7 inches. I used to have 16x8 with 4 inch offset with 10 inch slicks, they stick out past the fender about 3/8".
  8. I honestly like your doors, if you could get some close ups that would be cool, I don't really need door panels, but if something you want to throw in with the doors, that cool. How does the window work on your doors, any stripped handles gears or so? Let me know, I still have couple of weeks to decide till my pay day comes. Thanks all.
  9. Thanks for so much post in such short time, I wonder if shipping doors would be cheap if its within the states? Let me know I will be interested. When you are wanting let them go, lets talk I got few questions for the doors you got. If not let me know so I can pick my options. Pictures would be great too, and your asking price and quote for shipping to 95687. Got any pictures of them? Whats your qoute for 95687 and your price? What they came off of? Thanks so far
  10. Hey guys, I got a 1973 240Z, and I am in need for two complete doors on both sides. Preferably all good condition with keys, don't care on paint or small dents, Electric windows models are a plus. I am located in Vacaville, California 95687. Hoping could find some locals. Send pics and your price, maybe shipping price? Thanks.
  11. Cant wait to finish the C4 rearend swap on my Z, with it's Lt1 6 speed setup.

  12. To answer your question, I think "for me" the corvette IRS is alot cheaper than Arizona prices for brake set up, and LSD conversion, and misc parts. Plus the C4 aluminum rearend maybe alot lighter than the stock 1st gen Datsun rearend component., therefore it ease up the suspension weigh travel and rotating mass once narrowed. I wanna throw out that the corvette brakes maybe better/cheaer than most disc brakes that offered for the stock Datsun setup and even for the aftermarket Q45 setups.The Corvette c4 is much an heavier car than the 240Z, and its braking might be worthwile for the 240Z.
  13. I am in the progress swapping a 1987 Corvette rearend on my 73" 240z, I'd tell ya it takes alot of cutting and welding on the IRS and the Z if you wanted to make it look "stock".
  14. The label are pretty much torn off by age, so I couldn't get the specs. I should had looked all the sticky before I asked these questions. The 280zx booster and master cylinder might be the better option afterall. Rockauto.com sells A1 Cardone 280zx Boosters and A1 Master Cylinder with the 15/16" bore. So does some local autostores. How do you guys feel about the A1 Cardone brand?
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