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  1. That car was indeed most interesting up close! I haven't seen it since I took those photos in August, though...
  2. I am about to go with standalone EFI on my stroker build and am thinking of making the jump to ITBs at the same time. Please let me know if you have a setup you'd like to offload. I may consider another custom intake, such as Lonewolf. Thanks for any help!
  3. No real update except I've been putting some miles on it. I moved across the country and back to SOCAL; so the Z is now a regular at Irvine Cars and Coffee. Anyone else here regularly appear there? This photographer seems to catch me every week, but, then again, he takes a TON of photos: http://www.cncpics.com/2012/June/Cars/23882067_9vDBbs#!i=1941280503&k=Rqhz5cX&lb=1&s=A Game plan: 1) Keep breaking it in for a while 2) Get hole in floor pan patched - had to cut it out to clear the header 3) Change over to AEM EFI with either MAP sensor or MAF 4) Instal
  4. And...it's back and running. A bit rich, but will try to sort. It's definitely much more torquey than stock - MUCH better all around. Still no interior, but I'm hoping that's easy compared to the engine swap, etc.
  5. Thanks! Re: Drip rails - Right now, they're just body color. I may just leave off the trim, but we'll see.
  6. cegrover


    From the album: 280Z Project - in progress

    Off to Z Cars by Clark - hopefully running well soon.
  7. And...off to my Z specialist for tuning and AC completion. Then, it needs an interior.
  8. I'm about to get a 3.1L project running and know that stock EFI is not optimal. I ran into the item listed below and am curious about it. The question is whether there's anything valid about using this type of device, or if it can't make a complex enough 'map' to run as well as something else. I certainly have doubts about such a 'quick fix' solution, and am interested in whether anyone here has actual experience with one. Outside that, I'm leaning toward SDS, at this point. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Fuel-Control-Box-Nissan-Datsun-Toyota-Supra-Mazda-BMW-/380151907169?pt=Motors_C
  9. I don't know of anyone, but I'm soon to be in the same boat. Please update here if you find someone!
  10. Thanks, I think... The goal was to have a modern update somewhat similar to the original copper color. Hopefully, I'll have images from out in the sun soon!
  11. And the new engine is in! I only have a crap phone pic for now...
  12. Oops, no evidence of the new wheels and tires was included...
  13. With help from friends, I finally had major progress on my Z project today! Short version: - Jan 2007: Bought car locally from original owner - Drove off and on - Jun 2007: Bought used 3.1L stroker, 3.90 diff, 5-speed trans, header and other related parts (head has turbo injectors and intake has larger throttle body). - Jan 2009: Sent to Westside Group on Torrance, CA for media blasting to bare metal, rust repair (pans and rails), rubber coat, bumper conversion (MSA fiberglass 240-style) and paint, which is 2004-2008 Infiniti FX Beryllium - Dec 2009: Sent engine out for reb
  14. From the album: 280Z Project - in progress

    This is before deliver to my house.
  15. Hi Deja: Your front bumper looks great in the photos on your web site. That's where I'm headed with my '75 280Z stroker project. Have you changed the rear bumper?
  16. Did you get the bumpers on and do you have any photos?
  17. Hi, do you have any photos of the new bumper on the 260?
  18. I've found some decent info on bumper swaps involving 240 bumpers on 280s, but haven't seen a lot of info on fiberglass bumpers on 280s. Obviously, the mounting methodology should be the same if the fiber bumpers are designed to be direct bolt-ons for the 240; but I was wondering if anyone had experience and photos.
  19. Looks great! What bumpers are those?
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