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  1. Dude sorry for the super late reply, I never got a notification and just forgot about it. I'm not sure if they sell them at MSA or not. I purchased directly from corbeau. they hold up real well in corners and stuff but I haven't had a full racing seat so nothing to compare to. Much better than stock though.
  2. Damn I'm stumped, posting on here after who knows how many years. Anyways I have a 1983 280ZX N/A and after installing a battery cutout switch on the negative terminal the car misfires and runs very rich. However, if I wire the chassis ground directly back to the battery it works fine, but that defeats the purpose of a cutout switch. Engine wise it is generally stock. I have 2 gauge from negative to switch, 4 gauge from switch to starter, 8 gauge from switch to chassis. Any ideas ?
  3. Quick update for anyone wondering about these seats I have a 1983 280ZX and I threw in some corbeau GTS II seats with shaved bases and a corbeau dual locking slider on the driverside and a single locking slider, on the passenger side. and corbeau bolt in seat brackets. I'm 6 foot tall but have a 30" inseam so you can imagine my torso is a bit taller than normal. Anyways they sat higher than stock and I ran out of head room and had to drive kind of slouched with the T-Top sunshade removed. To fix the passenger side I removed the sliding rail and bolted the bracket straig
  4. It was a pumpkin orange coupe, paint and body looked alright but it was far from great. I sold it for a BMW... And I thought Datsuns were expensive. Awesome I'm glad it works, Hey I'm stationed on the East coast right now so I don't have my Z to reference but the does that rack have all the steering linkage parts that are unique to the manual, so it can just bolt up to the steering shaft I have already? Also what is your price shipped to 92880 EDIT: I uploaded a photo, the left side of the image shows the steering shaft section that I'm asking about, the section on the right shows where
  5. Haha oh geeze my signature is old, its been a few years since I've had my 610 but it was an orange 74. The rack isn't seized or anything right, just needs cleaned, grease, boots, tie rod ends ?
  6. I need a manual steering rack and the crossmember that goes with it. I've been out of the Z game for a few years and I'm not too sure where all the places like zbarn have gone :/ Any help would be awesome!
  7. Okay not too sure what that is or where but if you go inside your hatch I seem to remember there being a little access hatch door thing (cover plate?) it's on the metal part below the carpet/foam padding
  8. When I came across this problem I took the car down to the local exhaust shop and had them put it on a lift and weld a nut or some such on there and then you have something to grip on to and a lot of room underneath to use large tools. cost me $25.00 plus a new fill plug from nissan.
  9. Oh no, it will be back. not in time for MSA but maybe for JCCS.
  10. at like 5 MPH, didn't really feel it either just heard it. I got my hood, fender, head light bucket, frame, and bumper damaged and the fender is preventing the driver side door from opening, but the door is okay. Now I get to dukes of hazard it. And it looks like I have a Porsche 928 headlight.
  11. I'm kinda pending a purchase right now I'll keep you all updated.
  12. Might want to check http://forum.ratsun.net/ or http://the510realm.com/phpBB3/ they would probably be the best bet for finding a windscreen. Be prepared to see how spoiled you are coming from HBZ though ha ha.
  13. I need the front strut tubes off of a later model 280ZX just the tubes and the gland nut and the hub. i don't need the rotor but if it's easier to leave it on that's fine. I'm in Corona, CA 92880. let me know please.
  14. Well early Z31 had a T3 while later Z31 had T25 if I remember correctly. It's been a while, either way I'm 90% that they are different.
  15. Well I don't know, but if you get autozone they should have a life time warranty so if they break or w/e you get new ones for free.
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