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  1. Quick update for anyone wondering about these seats I have a 1983 280ZX and I threw in some corbeau GTS II seats with shaved bases and a corbeau dual locking slider on the driverside and a single locking slider, on the passenger side. and corbeau bolt in seat brackets. I'm 6 foot tall but have a 30" inseam so you can imagine my torso is a bit taller than normal. Anyways they sat higher than stock and I ran out of head room and had to drive kind of slouched with the T-Top sunshade removed. To fix the passenger side I removed the sliding rail and bolted the bracket straight to the seat, reinstalled and I now have plenty of room, even with the sunshade installed. I will be doing to the same to the driverside. But removing the slider makes it difficult to install the rear-outer bolt but its doable especially if you have small arms. Other than that, great seats that work with with my 2" 4pt harnesses.
  2. It was a pumpkin orange coupe, paint and body looked alright but it was far from great. I sold it for a BMW... And I thought Datsuns were expensive. Awesome I'm glad it works, Hey I'm stationed on the East coast right now so I don't have my Z to reference but the does that rack have all the steering linkage parts that are unique to the manual, so it can just bolt up to the steering shaft I have already? Also what is your price shipped to 92880 EDIT: I uploaded a photo, the left side of the image shows the steering shaft section that I'm asking about, the section on the right shows where I'm going to be connecting it to. I'm sure you already know this since you've pulled a rack yourself but I just wanted to make sure.
  3. Haha oh geeze my signature is old, its been a few years since I've had my 610 but it was an orange 74. The rack isn't seized or anything right, just needs cleaned, grease, boots, tie rod ends ?
  4. I need a manual steering rack and the crossmember that goes with it. I've been out of the Z game for a few years and I'm not too sure where all the places like zbarn have gone :/ Any help would be awesome!
  5. Do you have a photo of the driverside front fender ? and a price ?
  6. Okay not too sure what that is or where but if you go inside your hatch I seem to remember there being a little access hatch door thing (cover plate?) it's on the metal part below the carpet/foam padding
  7. When I came across this problem I took the car down to the local exhaust shop and had them put it on a lift and weld a nut or some such on there and then you have something to grip on to and a lot of room underneath to use large tools. cost me $25.00 plus a new fill plug from nissan.
  8. Manifold sold. Down pipe still available.
  9. I have a 1981 (1/1981) Automatic Transmission Turbo ECU. I'm not sure how to check it. It came from a crashed car in a junk yard so I'm assuming the crash is the reason why it was junked, not anything to do with the ECU. I've heard but not confirmed that it does not matter that it is an automatic ECU. anyways it's for sale for $25.00 + FedEX + Paypal fees. Let me know my email is nbesheer (at) gmail.com I'll post photos after my camera charges
  10. For sale is a turbo manifold off of a 280ZX and the DP as well. $50.00 + Shipping + Paypal fees G-Mail me at nbesheer (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks -Nicky
  11. 1974 Datsun 610 2-Door Corona, CA 92880 Nicholas B I have a two door 610 L-18 4MT Weber 32/36 Electric Choke Header I bought it in early 2007. Drove it for a few hundred miles when it crapped out. Ended up having a the wrong throttle linkage. Fixed that. Bought a BRAND NEW weber 32/36 electric choke, with two piece adapter. At the same time, I replaced the cam gear, crank gear, timing chain, both guides, and the tensioner, water pump, fan clutch, alternator belt, valve cover gasket, timing cover gaskets, oil pump gasket, distributor gasket, water pump gasket, lower water inlet gasket mechanical fuel pump n gasket, fuel filter, fuel hoses, clutch master cylinder, clutch hose, clutch slave cylinder, thermostat, thermostat gasket, thermostat housing out of a 280ZX, Thermostat housing gasket, new upper radiator hose. Drove it for about a mile then parked it in my garage to replace all the rear suspension components. I got everything removed and found true love. so I threw most of it all back together because I was spending time with my girlfriend. So I didn't replace everything like I wanted to but I did replace. Rear struts (KYB brand new), all six (6) u-joints (2 for the drive shaft, 4 for the half shafts), rear tranny seal, oil in the r160 with Mobile1 75w90 GL5, engine oil Castrol GTX High Mileage 10x30, replaced the mustache bar bushings with new poly bushings. heater core has been bypassed with new hose. I have new replacement parts that I have not yet installed including rear wheel bearings (4) Rear spring isolators (2) Rear sub frame isolators (2) Fel-Pro head gasket Rear trailing arm bushings poly (4) Front brake pads (4) The engine is a L18 with A87 head, what I believe is the stock cam. With installed dual points dizzy. But I have a matchbox electric dizzy that I do not know how to install but comes with the car. As well as another dual points dizzy, and some kind of single point that came on it but doesn’t fit properly. Interior Used to have a sun roof but the previous owner removed it, can not tell from the outside. the headliner is nice except for where the hole is from the sun roof lol. Carpet is dirty, just needs to be vacuumed I think. The rear seats look GREAT, I've been told that it is not original but looks good. The front seats are NOT original, they are "leather?" from either a first gen MR2 or a AE-86. The grant steering wheel has been replaced with an original one from a 610. Dash looks great, no cracks but it is missing the radio, and the turny knob thing for the clock. The clock is not working, not sure if it's just disconnected or broken, the temperature gauge does work but is not hooked up because I do not have a functioning water temp sender. Car previously had AC but not when i bought it. Doors are in worn but good condition. Driver side door lock knob is lost in the car somewhere. Exterior Paint is NOT original but is fairly new. orange. Car was previously in an accident prior to me buying it. It was a frontal collision. but has been fixed on the exterior. Once while driving, the hood which I forgot to latch flew up and hit the windscreen wipers which saved the windscreen from damage, but the hood incurred some damage on both rear corners and in the middle, relatively minor damage, wiper are fine. all chrome has been re-chromed by the previous owner. What needs to be done: Front suspension, needs new struts for sure. Steering has some play, needs new bushings. Brakes work fine but the rear driver side drum needs to at least be turned. Going thought the whole system couldn’t hurt. Tires work but are on their way out. I'm looking to get $2,000.00 for the car. As some might know, I wrecked my pride and joy. Anyways I can't afford to have this 610 and fix the Z. So hit me up if you need more photos or information. My G-Mail is nbesheer (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks for any interest -Nicky
  12. Oh no, it will be back. not in time for MSA but maybe for JCCS.
  13. Hey dude I might pick it up off you, I just wrecked my S130, I gotta get the insurance thing worked out and see what parts on my car are okay. hit my up on nbesheer@gmail.com for faster replies.
  14. at like 5 MPH, didn't really feel it either just heard it. I got my hood, fender, head light bucket, frame, and bumper damaged and the fender is preventing the driver side door from opening, but the door is okay. Now I get to dukes of hazard it. And it looks like I have a Porsche 928 headlight.
  15. I'm kinda pending a purchase right now I'll keep you all updated.
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