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  1. Considering the fiat 124 is a mx5 (ND) with different panels, why not go for the mx5, should be cheaper and make custom front end and rear end so it doesn't look so much like a fiat 124 with a datsun roofline? it would be a mx5 underneath anyway, just more personal?
  2. Made the parts for the battery tray area, need to welded in the last part. also finished the plates that will tie my new framerails to the old ones in the enginebay
  3. You asked how i will tie my new framerails to the old in the front, made the plates just need to get some gas for my welder before i burn them in. you also asked about my rear swaybar, its connected to the part that holds the rear control arms in the rear part by the mustache bar. Can take a picture when i mount the swaybar. Some pictures of the plates. they need some bending to sit flush but almost finished, made them out of 1.5mm sheet metal
  4. yee most likely what i will do, will still wait as long as possible to weld the outer panels. still have a lot of rust left before i get there
  5. alrigt sounds like they might be worth trying, sent an email to the company asking if they can offer the coilovers with a lower spring rate Will update when i get an answer
  6. Thank you! and no the antena hole is going, but I want to wait to weld the outer panels for as long as possible, I'm a bit worried about warping them as i dont have the patience for welding that slow. Got to say i love your car as well, and it have been some of my inspiration! Looking forward to seeing your completed!
  7. Almost finished the passenger side floor, will finish the battery tray area next.
  8. If it is aluminium threaded tube it would not work but would doubt TÜV would approve them being aluminum, and the fact that they are TÜV approved makes them seem more legit, at least to me. Sure i could buy the CR racing ones but they would cost the same as BC after import cost from the states to europe.
  9. Hi guys, been searching around for coilovers and found theas D2 coilovers, anyone tried them? Everything seems to be right and they are a lot cheaper then BC racing ones. Link to the coilovers: https://www.driftshop.com/d2-racing-street-coilovers-datsun-240z-260z-280z.html
  10. Since the last update i have striped the rest of the smaller parts of the chassi making it entirely ready for blasting, just need the company im trying to work with tell me when it´s time. I also 98% finished welding the driver side floor, and going to start tackling the passenger side in the coming weeks. I also cut out the rear arches to make sure the blasting will take as much area as possible. And then i mocked up the scrap engine i have laying around just to get a feeling about how it will look. Special thanks to Ron Tyler @RTz as he designed and made an open file for the mounts.
  11. sounds like an awsome deal, get some pictures of it so we can check it out
  12. I know its a big project, but it's coming along god, and it feels better for me rescue a car that needs it instead of buying one that rust free. And yes you could think it would have lived all its life in southern sweden, 😂 Today i go the frame rails welded in, well atleast started welding it in, next on the list is prepping to put in the driver side floor and patching up the front of the passenger floor.
  13. Hi guys, since my last update I have been cadet on a ship and haven't had much time to work. But I'm started getting back at it, especially considering my girlfriend is leaving for 6 months to be a cadet on ships, i will get a lot done. I made a rotisserie from wood and some steel, as it was cheaper and the chassi doesn't way that much, (lifted one end with engine crane and the other by hand with my friend.) I cut out the spare wheel tub, have decided to make a lite bigger fuel tank and a flat floor. And I have almost finished making my own frame rails as I wanted some more strength by having the rails connected to the rear part of the chassi, and partly to make the floors land in the same place. And for those of you whom are curios my rear swaybar goes behind the dif, came that way when i bought it. I also decided that i will be changing the drive line to something more modern, to be more precise i bought a bmw e46 323i, which means i got the m52b25tub engine, and the reason for getting this engine and not the 2.8l one or the s52 m3 engine is that I live in sweden and the law say i can change the power of a car by 20% form my cars specific power, and I do want the car to be fully legal, even if I will be making more power than the bmw made stock. thanks for reading, and i will try to update more the coming months as i finish things on the car!
  14. My car acctually have a rear mounted swaybar from when i bought it.
  15. well i did buy factory style frame rails but wasn't really pleased with how it was turning out so i decided to do some full length rails and it was cheaper to buy material i needed than to go for bad dogs extra piece . But i think i will just stitch weld it as some of you suggested. here are some more pictures its almost final fitment, need to get it down a little in the rear but otherwise i'm ready to start welding the first one in.
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