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  1. For those interested industrygarage is adding the carbon fibre flares to his website tomorrow
  2. he will sell them in carbon fiber, don´t know when they will be available here is his website https://www.industrygarage.com/ , he recently announced that he will make most body panels in carbon aswell
  3. only good write up on brake change i seen is KatoKid on the Viczar.com he did a full front and rear R33 Gts-t swap, including booster and master, to make the car legal in austraila with his M3 swap heres a link if anyone is interested https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/13582-r33-gts-t-calipers-onto-a-240now-completed/
  4. I know its possible to remove, but currently i see it as extra security considering i have gotten the ews to work with the "original tumbler from the datsun". The bmw tumbler doesn't need to be used to start the car but i need the key sitting in the tumble to make sure the EWS is working. Dont know if any of you guys seen the Kato Kids BMW M3 on the viczcar . com but he keept the orignial EWS and left the key in the glowbox to keep original computer and security. https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/4654-kato-kids-bmw-m3-powered-71-240z/
  5. Well i haven't updated in awhile, been very busy with finishing school and working on my car. As a student i dont have the best economy and haven't been able to purchase more gas for my welder, so i decided to put the car down on the ground and start trail fitting the engine. start making progress on things i already have laying around such as suspension components. Some of you might say, go standalone, but i will keep the bmw computer from economical reasons. I will also use the entire bmw wiring harness as I don't want to chop up my original harness because i have the matching numbers engine and want to keep it possible to return to original. So i have started to thin out the bmw wiring harness to make it lighter and removing all the parts i don't need. My biggest worry using the bmw wiring harness was the EWS (security system) I don't really want to remove it as that can be a big problem. I also want to keep all the original controls for lighting and ignition, and such, so far i got the datsun ignition switch to work with the bmw harness. But after thinning out about 1/3 of all the wires I went to try and crank the car, (when the EWS is not working the starter wont get any signal) and it still cranks 🥳 Sorry about the big format. snapchat-571694092_Qj97Dto7_fWJF.mp4
  6. i would guess the dash is just flocked, and and that looks alot like alacantra
  7. Found a site for downloading the FSM that I have never seen before, with a lot of nice information, link below http://240260280.com/Docs/
  8. yee i can vouch for it not needing bracing, i don't really dare to climb in to mine but no bracing. and yes i would definitely remove the glas before the rotisserie
  9. Got some more done on the car, finished up the rear of the framelegs endplates, i also went over some of my floor welds that needed it. and some cleaning up of my welds, still some left to do but my angelgrinder wont fit i also cleaned up the front inner plates then i turned my attention to the center console area,
  10. since the last update, i finished up the front of the frame legs and the area on the driver side above the frame leg welded upp the last of the battery tray area and started finishing up the area where the fuel filler neck usually goes as mine will be behind the numberplate
  11. you can get the technical update of the m52 it has a aluminium block with iron sleeves
  12. Considering the fiat 124 is a mx5 (ND) with different panels, why not go for the mx5, should be cheaper and make custom front end and rear end so it doesn't look so much like a fiat 124 with a datsun roofline? it would be a mx5 underneath anyway, just more personal?
  13. Made the parts for the battery tray area, need to welded in the last part. also finished the plates that will tie my new framerails to the old ones in the enginebay
  14. You asked how i will tie my new framerails to the old in the front, made the plates just need to get some gas for my welder before i burn them in. you also asked about my rear swaybar, its connected to the part that holds the rear control arms in the rear part by the mustache bar. Can take a picture when i mount the swaybar. Some pictures of the plates. they need some bending to sit flush but almost finished, made them out of 1.5mm sheet metal
  15. yee most likely what i will do, will still wait as long as possible to weld the outer panels. still have a lot of rust left before i get there
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