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  1. The ol' MK I calibrated butt dyno says the car is MUCH faster with the new seats. We all know that's a lie. My keister's been lying to me for decades. But, I'm much more comfortable and confident than I was with the nearly 50 year old factory seats out of aux's 240. That's got to be worth something. With the mounts fixed and the newer seats, there's much less perceived shake / rattle, and the bolstering is what I'm used to from my much-maligned and departed '94 Miata M Edition. A drive up Suisun Valley, into Wooden Valley and past Berryessa on Saturday ha
  2. What was Justin's screen name here on HBZ?
  3. Late to the party here, but I figured I'd weigh in. Like others, a Z wasn't my dream car. I really wish I had a '37 Studebaker Dictator Coupe. They're rare as heck these days. I'd try to keep it as close to factory appearance as possible while changing out everything for modern tech. The Vortec 4.3 inline-six would be my choice for the engine. I'd want a 4-link in the back, and coilovers / wishbones in the front. Of course, there are Mustang II universal setups, but I'd want something with better geometry without throwing off the factory ride height too much. Finished out, t
  4. Yikes. That is awful. Drive safely, folks.
  5. aux told me. John's screen name and avatar was always a signal to stop scrolling and pay attention, because I was going to learn something. Rest in peace, sir.
  6. Hey, folks. Haven't been around much, but I had to come post this after an encounter at a parade yesterday. I got dressed up in my AF blues(reserve KC-10 crew chief) and took a friend's '37 Olds to a local parade. He's out of town and I'm housesitting and have permission to flog on the car. I was in the assembly area, waiting for the parade to begin, and a guy in his ~30s in a pleather jacket sporting a barbell bridge piercing comes up to me and chats me up about he car. We get to talking about car in general and he says he likes Japanese stuff, I mention that I've got a Miata and a 260Z.
  7. I'm all over the place on shocks. I should just go with Bilstiens like they had on the factory R package, but I really want Fat Cat Motorsports' Elite setup. Not cheap at $2k!
  8. Roakill is all about !@#$ing up. Watch all of the episodes, they're great. Even though these guys are editors for Hot Rod, these are their personal side projects, and it's all done with Vise-Grips and duct tape by the side of the road.
  9. '94 M Edition, all the bells & whistles(AC, power windows, PS, ABS, power mirrors, cruise control), OZ Superleggeras, hardtop, Hard Dog single diagonal roll bar and a nice Rockford Fosgate headunit. Drivetrain is bone stock, but the M Editions came with a Torsen LSD. It's a donut/tailwagger machine for sure. Power steering makes things really fun. Yep, it's slow, but it's FUN as hell, and it's far closer to being track ready than the Z is. Just need some good shocks.
  10. LOVE Roadkill. I'm friends with Mike and Dave on Facebook and tech-inspected their '73 Fury a few times when they were running it at Lemons. Is this the first post about the Rotsun? If so, I'm surprised, I figured it would have got quite a bit of attention.
  11. Greetings from oblivion. I don't think I've posted in four years or so. I got a little distracted. I bought a Miata in 2010 and it bumped the Z to driveway ornament status, combined with some horrible ignition issues that I couldn't wrap my head around. I swapped the coil out for a high performance unit I had laying around last month, and the ignition issues vanished! I've been meaning to offload her for four years and just can't bring myself to do it. Can't really dump any more money into her, either, so she sits, except for the occasional terrorize-the-neighb
  12. $3700, as you see it. Hardtop, Hard Dog roll bar, OZ Superleggeras. The suspension is currently stock, but it's not going to stay that way.
  13. Miata. Cheap, ridiculous handling, easy to mod, reliable, fuel efficient, tons of aftermarket support. Wonder why you haven't seen me around much? Yeeeeah, I bought one. The Z sits a lot now.
  14. Lots of disparaging comments about Californians in this thread. Stick it. calguns.net <- Read it, and change your tune. Don't throw out the many for the actions of the few. There's nothing wrong with a revolver - if you're worried about your assailant being able to tell whether or not your weapon is loaded, don't. It's a moot point, you should never point an firearm at another human being with the intent to merely threaten. You do not pull it unless you're going to use it, and at that point, it had better be loaded and you'd better be prepared to fire...if your assailan
  15. My parents had a 600 Z coupe when I was a kid, they hauled around a family of 4 in it. When it came time to get rid of it, a collector from Germany snapped it up. Neat find! I'd love to take that for a spin.
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