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  1. Should be different for the 240 as the 280. I'll probably just buy the kit from SilverMineMotors myself. It asks for what hubs you have (240/280) SilverMineMotors
  2. I wonder what that driver door would cost?
  3. Please buy an aftermarket fiberglass dash to do this to. Please?
  4. Miller Performance If you are looking to simplify an install, and want to add boost, look to these guys. Huge support for the e30 BMW crowd where they are OFTEN swapping in M50-S52. Miller has been working with the m20 and m30 for a long time and have several tunes for them, but are now doing a tune package for the m50-s52 and will be adding boost to it as well Also, the m30 doesn't take much to be pretty beastly. And it is reliable as a rock. Otis (known as Good'N'Tight on forums) has been very successful with the m30 I would say. Take a look at this little video. Good alternative for a straight line Z.
  5. This is true. I'm involved in the e30 chassis BMW forums [where many a folk swap to the m50/m52/s50/s52 as they all fit perfect (as long as you use the oilpan from the the 5 series cars.)] Only thing holding back the installation of the m54 engines is the complexity of the electrical systems (thus the need for the ignition assembly/key/everything else, although it has been done). If you are interested in learning some things about the engines, a good place to check is r3vlimited in the 24v engine swap section. TRM is a great company to deal with from what I have heard. Boosting the m50/52 doesn't take too much for lowerer number (350ish rwhp)
  6. I think what you are going to have a problem with is the fact that 1) You are a new member, so you haven't gotten a reputation to be a group buy leader with.... 2) An out of country, unknown fabricator/source. It's not a bad idea by any means though.
  7. I have that wheel in my 240 shell. Easy to turn Also helps that there isn't an engine, or interior in the car, haha. Quality of it, sub par, I don't use it and parts are already showing wear. I bought it just so I could move my car around since when I bought it it didn't have anything other than vice-grips attached to the steering column. This wheel will not be staying in the car and I'm almost disgraced to have it bolted to my Momo Hub
  8. Yes, they sell kits for the RB's and SR's and I think the KA nowadays too.
  9. That would be awesome, I wonder what the CR is going to be on it since it's a bike engine. Boost it, and throw a couple of them in my Z! haha
  10. If it was me, I would buy a b5 Audi S4 and put a stage 3 kit on it, bigger turbos and coil-overs depending on how much I still had leftover after buying the car. Not the lightest, but would definately fill the daily driver bill, and have more than enough power. Not the best for auto-x, more of a road course style car that can rip down the 1/4 and keep up/walk away from more expensive cars. But from the list, I would choose the NSX, always loved them. Might not be the most powerful, but they handle awesome, and pull decent times for being underpowered.
  11. Not to be a buster, but unless your car is caged, this would be the only harness I would suggest Schroth Reason being in case of a roll-over a standard harness will not allow your body to move forward resulting in you being crushed instead of bent over.
  12. Hey_You

    BMW Seats

    The e21 and e30 seats are pretty similar, I would suggest the Sports instead of the Comforts. Just to let you know...even the fabric comforts I had in my e30 weigh a ton, full manual too. I installed full power leather e36 seats in, so I got to feel first hand how heavy they were. These are lighter than both
  13. I had a 91 Toyota Celica dash sitting around at my place, so I tried that. I was pretty close to fitting from what I remembered. I was just getting pissed because my cage was interfering so I tossed it. Gonna go aluminum instead
  14. Hyundai Genesis...4g63 in RWD glory. Not sure how much that tranny would cost since it is brand new, but...it is another option
  15. Everytime I see a car parked on the grass I think of the movie "Crash" Haha Car looks great though! Almost makes me want an S130 but my S30 will easily do!
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