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  1. You should have seen my wife when she saw me looking at it... "no you can't buy it", "who are you getting ready to call?", "I bet your going to take a picture and put it on Hybridz aren't you". Wow she knows me well... Dragonfly
  2. I was able to get the picture off my phone so here it is. Dragonfly
  3. Both my phone and computer are dinosaurs, the phone has blue tooth but the computer does not... Tony, it did not come from GA but there is a label on it that says it was made in San Diego, it appears that it may have been made at UCSD and used by the engineering students. I personaly can't think of any thing it could be used for in doing testing on Z cars (or any other car for that matter) but I know there are some very ingenious people on this forum and who knows what someone may acomplish with a small windtunnel. Dragonfly
  4. My wife and I were in one of the local Disabled Vets thrift stores today and in the back I spotted a windtunnel, as you might expect it is far from the size you could put a car into but it is also not a toy. The tunnel has a testing area that is about 6"W, 6"H and 18"L, the over all length is around 12 feet. This unit has a sensor of some sort in it and a data port at the bottom. The windtunnel had a proce listed on it of $89 and "AS IS" written in red beside the price. I did take a picture with my phone but my phone and computer don't talk to each other so I currently can not upload the
  5. Thanks for the link, I used to know some of the members but it has been awhile... I am trying to get in touch with them because I would like to donate a "door prize" for one of their meetings. If I can't get a hold of anyone pretty soon I will just offer it up on here. I am not saying what it is at this time but it is not z car related, it is more location related. Dragonfly
  6. I am trying to contact the Las Vegas Z club (Sin City Z) but so far to no avail... If there are any members on here, preferably a board member please let me know. Thanks Dragonfly
  7. Here is a link to the Z I am selling, if you go to the last post you will see that the car has no engine or drive train and I am asking $6500. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/81311-dragonfly-still-for-sale/page__p__771203__fromsearch__1#entry771203 Dragonfly
  8. Take a look here http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/81311-dragonfly-still-for-sale/page__p__771203__hl__dragonfly__fromsearch__1#entry771203 If you read the whole thread you will see that the car is now a rolling chassis that I want to sell. I am asking $6500 but it is a car that is ready to race as soon as a drivetrain is dropped in it. Dragonfly
  9. It said 8/2010 and it looks pretty good to me... now I am going to have to see if its showing anywhere close to me. Dragonfly
  10. Yep, it doesn't happen a lot but it happens... I will not even drive my Z in the rain at all, I actually ride my motorcycle instead because I feel it is safer. You have to remember though that my Z is so modified that gentle maneuvers on a wet surface are almost impossible. Thank goodness I never had an accident but I have been caught a few times in the Z when it has started raining on me, after my first multi lane transition I learned that driving at about 35 mph in the slow lane with my hazards on was much safer than anything else short of finding a place to stop and wait it out. Drago
  11. 100% personal opinion here but if I were in the situation you have described and my wife was insistent on CD's here is what I would do: Since you know when you are going to have to pay taxes and you can estimate to a reasonable amount how much you will pay in taxes I would take that estimated amount of money for taxes from what is currently in your low interest savings account and put it into the highest yield CD I could find that will come available two to four weeks prior to tax time. When the CD is cashed out use the money to pay your taxes keep the interest earned from the CD and do it all
  12. I have been running his stage III LCA's on my car for a few years now. I am very happy with them and I am not aware of anyone who has not been happy with their purchase of them. Here's a few pics. Dragonfly
  13. I talked to Jerry and he told me that he talked to you already. If you have any other questions give Jerry a call or send me a PM. Dragonfly
  14. Ha ha good catch, I started to square it but thought to myself "nah your just making it more complicated". Most people I know tell me that I make things much to complicated for people to understand so I tend to now try to simplify things as much as I can. Dragonfly
  15. Yes, I know just about everything there is to know about ZRaceProducts. The owner is a friend of mine and no he is not a formerly banned member from here, actualy he is a current member here but seldom ever comes on here. David you know him as well you just may not realize it. Dragonfly
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