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  1. How do you like the twin disc clutch?
  2. I don't have any problem but just don't understand the justification of a non functioning, absolutely in complete engine bay to take top honors. It makes it really tough to gauge and build a show worthy project.
  3. I am still baffled about the car that won the best engine bay. I can't wrap my head around the fact that it was a non running, incomplete motor with no wiring, throttle linkages or plumbing at all. How could nissan sport magazine pick a completely incomplete engine bay? Its mind boggling and upsetting. If I am not mistaken even the brake components weren't in either. I'm not saying that I had the best but a lot better than that incomplete thing. I've lost all respect for that magazine.
  4. If you still can go and return that welder and get the commercial grade instead of that Home Depot brand. The HD stands for home depot not heavy duty. I have a Miller syncrowave 250, Millermatic 200 (does all my heavy gauge stuff) and lincoln 135 plus (my work horse). Go and buy a 140 lincoln or miller from a regular weld shop and you will be much happier.
  5. I hope you can drive better than you park. lol. Let me know if you need me to post my car for sale and give me those wheels.
  6. I was one of the first 100 to get in and it wasn't worth the money or time. If you enjoy 80% of the cars being Hondas than you would have enjoyed yourself. Like I said it was very badly organised and i can't believe paying for it. Go to Blox in fremont which will be free and easily 700 cars. Lots of fun and free stuff. I think you missed the part where I said " very few good cars".
  7. You saved your money and time for not attending. It was a very badly organised show from starting late to waiting 4 hours for getting in. There were very few good cars. It was a waste on time.
  8. GTZ

    74 260z rb25det

    I don't but that's half the fun. lol
  9. GTZ

    74 260z rb25det

    I would like to try some slicks on my car as well. I haven't seen a set of tail lights yet on street tires.
  10. GTZ

    74 260z rb25det

    This was before the new tires were installed. This was just trying out the new 3.70 diffs. First official race against a 2jz before changing the wastegate and BOV to snapse. I will post the brake pics really soon.
  11. GTZ

    74 260z rb25det

    I got tired of looking at that bulky booster and decided to rip it all out and the pedal assembly was also removed. I went with Wilwood dual master cylinder and dual pedal assembly. I haven't seen it done on a Z yet but it was fairly painless besides converting the metric to standard brake lines. Its fun playing around with the brake bias and I set it semi mild. I made my own on the fly brake bias set up using the stock Z speed cable cut to length and machined shift knob for the adjusting knob. I'll update on the feel and feedback as soon as i get it on the road.
  12. GTZ


    Step 1. Locate your Options-2Step Limits table Step 2. Change your 2Step Retard Rev 3000 rpm Step 3. Change your 2Step Ignition Cut 3800 rpm You set the fuel cut high as you don't use a fuel cut for your application. A serious no no for forced induction cars. You set it up using vss so just read the guide and its easy to setup. I will mess with aem tuner and let you know on the next few steps for fine tuning it.
  13. GTZ


    Hi temps in anything isn't good but when using anti-lag over long period (over 12 seconds at time) not only creates rapid heat but also creates load shock. Anti lag works by miss firing the cylinders (fuel cut and ign cut) and pulling back timing at the same time (simple explanation for the complex process). Its puts all kinds of negative and positive load on all the internals very rapidly. The exhaust pulse created by pulling timing and miss firing is what spools the turbos. These pulses are not uniform and when engaged over a long period actually causes some major deflection starting on the turbine side and by the time it reaches the compressor side, things go boom even breaking the shaft. I gathered these information from talking to AEM tech support and 2 AEM certified tuners locally and getting in to extensive detail. Some of it went over my head.
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