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  1. That car is a steal at that price regardless of its problems.
  2. I stopped by Thunderranch yesterday to see how my buddy Tom McBurnie was doing. He has a super sweet GT250 in his shop that belongs to a customer out of Nevada. The kit was done by the owner and it looks awesome. The car is a 77 with a LS1 in it. The interior is tan leather with a full race rollcage and Autometer guages. The reason Tom has the car is to sell it. If you are interested and need photos contact Tom or Jeannie McBurnie at www.thunderranch.com Tom also has a half completed car on a 77Z that the customer pulled the plug on. It has a 350 crate motor in it and Tom is looking for a buyer for it as well.
  3. All replaceable parts. I would be all over that car for the price of tow off. Good luck and her back on the road.
  4. Both motors ran when pulled. Both are smog passed motors, that is the reason for the N47 heads. Shipping not really something I want to do. I really want them picked up. The N42 is bone stock. For the price a trip to San Diego is worth it.
  5. I got two in San Diego. Both are long blocks, complete with all fuel injection parts. One is a N42 Block with N47 head, the other is F54 block with N47 head. The N42 is out the car ready to be picked up and the F54 block in the car. The N42 motor will be cheaper at $250.
  6. www.classicdatsun.com Les spent some money to have it reproduced. Check it out.
  7. That wing is the JDM version in the picture and a little differenct than the IMSA version. I do have the JDM version and might have an extra. zccjdm might have the JDM version.
  8. Got two in San Diego. IM me and I will take care of you.
  9. My friend got a front bumper from the company for a G-nose a few years ago. The 16x12s you used to have are now at my house. My friend bought them from you.
  10. We are running 16X11's using the Works style over fenders, the wheels fit nicely under the overfender. We had them in fiberglass, the set we have came from Japan. We commissioned a mold to be made so that we could get them made in CF. We are using Thunderranch for our parts. www.thunderranch.com There is a company in Japan that makes all these parts, I know Alan from Great Britian knows the website of the company. I used to have it.
  11. Got a nice Urethane air dam for you. It is painted grey and came off of a 78. Drop me a PM with an offer and it is yours.
  12. John is right, we replaced a pan gasket using a lift. We emptied out all the oil, removed all the bolts and then carfully slide the oil pan out. We used something tacky to put the gasket on so that it would not move. It worked out great, just need to have a steady hand.
  13. Let me know when the dash board is complete I would really like to stop by and see it. I hope the fit is good because I know for sure we will be buying one. I would be most concerned about how the guages will be installed and anchored. Maybe a simple CF dash cap would sell well.
  14. If the pair from Oregon does not workout I have two sets of taillight bezels in great condition that I am willing to sell. Leftover has first dibs on the sale.
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