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  1. Well, the seller in question would be me. I suspected something was amiss, but after getting a certified vin check by Denver PD, they said the VINs checked out, and i got it registered. I didn't think anything of it. I was rather surprised when I got the call a few weeks after selling it, and, as the reason for selling was that I was moving and wouldn't have a garage anymore, was happy to agree to repayment of half and have everybody cut their losses. I hate it as much as the next guy when a deal goes sour, and hope everybody's happy.
  2. I noticed something in one of the photos. You have what looks like carpet padding covering the dizzy hole. Now I saw your coilpack, so no need for a dizzy, but what is that material? Is it temporary?
  3. I think what most need is a combo boost / AF gauge to take the place of that worthless clock.
  4. As far as I know, the S30 did not come factory with a sunroof. That means that the hackjob looking hole in the roof of one I'm looking to buy is most likely that, a hack. Does anybody make a good sunroof I could install? Or patch the hole? Or try to find another car?
  5. Well one way to do it is with foam. When I was building my hovercraft (yes, i built a hovercraft) I decided to do it mainly out of fiberglass to keep weight down. I used urethane foam (sold in 2" thick sheets at Home Depot for insulation) Sandwich the sheets together with adhesive and then use shaping tools of your choice (start with a drywall saw, to a Hot Knife, to a drywall file, to an orbit sander) and shape the foam how you want it to look. Then lay several layers of fiberglass cloth, let it cure, and then carve the foam out (or leave the foam and fiberglass all the way around, if you pre
  6. kudos to you on the trans build. I will do just about anything mechanical, but I refuse to touch the inside of a transmission. They scare me.
  7. Yes, I've seen this happen on VW bugs when the trans-to-pan ground strap fails. Its a good way to go through clutch and throttle cables really fast.
  8. I've been considering relocating my battery to the trunk area. Why? Because it would be different (read: cool) and also give me a place to put my coilpacks. I've done some searching and the main drawback I find is that most recommend running a separate heavy gauge ground wire from the negative terminal to the engine block. Why is this? I know many cars (e.g. Mazda Miata, BMW 325i) that have the battery mounted in the trunk and they only ground to the body / frame. Is this a Z specific recommendation? Or is it even necessary? I can't see that the body / frame rails could have so much impedance
  9. I'll let the motor go for 150 and the trans for 250 i live in Westminster right off the 36 if you're interested. I actually was looking at that car on Craigslist a while ago... my indecision is your car i guess lol. I picked up one I thought was better because it actually ran... but in the end, I say you're better off paying less for a non-runner because you will end up replacing everything anyway.
  10. Actually just worked on an F-350 today that had a very similar problem. My shop's several-thousand dollar test equipment said there were no problems with vacuum or crankcase pressure, but there was still smoke in the exhaust. Turns out the oil drain line from the turbo had gotten blocked due to oil coking because of the high temps caused by an aftermarket chip controller, and wasn't letting the oil out of the turbo... just an idea.
  11. I got a good L28 motor i can sell you. I pulled the head off so you will need to put it back on and get a new head gasket, but it ran. And I got a 4 speed manual trans I might be willing to sell too.
  12. Well, I did... until I needed emissions and suddenly tuning the carbs turned into tearing out the motor and trans and rear end and....
  13. SWEET JESUS thats ugly!!!!!! It looks like its made of plastic, like those "Little Tykes" cars for kids! I'll hand it to the guy... he knows mechanical... but he needs to have somebody else do the body work.
  14. So, Tony, as long as I plan to keep the RPM below 8000 (which I do, and I'm sure most other street-driven Zs do as well) then a distributor-gear driven pickup would be OK for both fuel and spark? And in this case, IF I were to try to make a few of these (or at least a few machined bodies, to help offset cost out of my pocket) I would have to try to find a place to do it cheap enough that someone could justify buying one for a street build. Otherwise, if I really want one bad enough, I'll just make it myself on my lathe out of some spare aluminum billet I have laying around.
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