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  1. rtodaro01

    VQ37VHR swap Questions *1974 Datsun Z

    Budgy - thanks for the reply
  2. ok, I want one for my 1970 Skyline... Let me know if you sell one!
  3. I am working on a VQ engine swap in a Datsun Z. I am going to have a system that reads off the ODB2. That said, how would I tap into a Tach, heat, oil pressure, Volts for my autometer gauges?
  4. rtodaro01

    S30 track car / HR swap

    keep us posted
  5. Has anyone removed the EVAP system on a VQ35-37 swap? I am swapping a VQ37 into a 1974 Datsun non-emission car. I am curious if there is any impact etc?
  6. rtodaro01

    VQ37VHR swap Questions *1974 Datsun Z

    1) I just started tearing into the engine and yeah half of those lines are coolant lines going to the darn throttle bodies. You are capping those for now? I am also not sure which vacuum lines that can be capped. 2) Zfever did my wiring. I am taking off the harness now and seeing if I can revers feed it into the engine bay. 3) I purchased the VQ swap kit about 1-2 years ago from McKinney. It came with two little red poly mounts. Are those what you are referring to? If you find out any good info, please share it. I would love to know how yours runs without all the crap.
  7. rtodaro01


    Just curious if in your VQswap, you figured out how to eliminate any of the vacuum lines or hoses from the engine to clean it up? Also, where did you run the harness through the firewall? I am doing a VQ37 swap - any help would be great.
  8. rtodaro01

    VQ37VHR Nismo swap

    VQ37VHR Nismo swap
  9. rtodaro01

    my 1970 Nissan Skyline Hakosuka

  10. rtodaro01

    280Z VQ35DE Done!

    I love the build. I am working on a VQ37VHR build. 1) what ITB's did you use? 2) How do you know which vacuum lines you can remove? The top of my engine has soo much crap everywhere, I cannot tell what is for emissions (which I don't need), etc
  11. I am in the middle of working on a VQ37VHR swap for a 1974 Datsun Z. Fever Racing re-wired the motor to get rid of the NATS etc. I have a few questions if anyone can answer: 1) There are lots of vacuum lines and other crap on the top of the engine. Given that it is a non-emissions car, is there anything I can get rid of, to clean up the engine bay? diagram? 2) I am removing the AC and PS. I am also installing a Stillen under-drive pulley. Can anyone suggest a configuration of the belts that would help me do this set up? 3) The wiring on this thing going to the ECU is huge. Any ideas on a clean way to send these through the firewall? 4) any other thoughts or suggestions?
  12. rtodaro01

    Rhd Fairlady Found for sale

    What year? My e-mail is rtodaro01@gmail.com
  13. rtodaro01

    Stony's rb for sale

    What do you think the HP would be at 12psi? I definetly would not need that 750hp at 30psi...
  14. rtodaro01

    Stainless Gas tank straps for 240Z

    Are these still available? I am interested. I have a 1974 Datsun 260z with a 280z tank. my e-mail is rtodaro01@gmail.com
  15. rtodaro01

    SR20DET 260Z for sale

    I just found this post. I am the new owner! Daron sure knows how to build a fast Z!