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  1. Guess I have to do it the hard way. Thanks for the great suggestions guys. At least I'm not losing fluid.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what Wilwood brakes are on my car. I don't see a part number but its grabbing funny. Pulling right when i stop. I bought the car with out knowing much about it. The owner didn't know much either. Can you guys post pictures and tell me what parts are on your car? I went to the site and I don't see what I have. Thanks in advance.
  3. funny thing. I took the battery out and took a chance at Oreilly . had the original buyers number on a sticker. I gave it to him and bam! FREE battery@!!!!!! on the receipt it said $288 WTF!! what cheap Oreilly's battery cost that much? I have no Idea. Its like 1000 CCA and like 8** RA I got the idea after reading a thread some where. Last month I took a Costco battery back and I had the guys name. Costco gave me a gift card for $75. man you don't think about how much a battery cost till you have to replace one. I just replaced 2. and still got another car in need of one.
  4. I need to pick up a new battery. The stores are no help because they want the make and of car. I don't know what to tell them Because I was never told what motor was in the car. I can't see the stamping so I can look it up. What's the minimum cold cranking amps needed to start the car and what's the smallest group battery size to put in it ? What's the smallest group size and Lee Lewis cold cranking amps r
  5. I'm in Hawaii and sent waiting for some replies for shipping quotes to factor in. Where are you located?
  6. So I was thinking about repainting some stuff and decided to just try ebay. some stuff popped up but with brands I did not know and some I did. Prices seem reasonable. But over all I am asking if anyone ever bought paint off ebay? If so how would you rate it? things to look for and things to avoid? I'm looking into base coat clear coat, and some urethane sealer.
  7. you ever find out the color for that paint code? thats nice!
  8. will you guys help me put together an idiots guide to what transmissions work with our engines? please put stuff you know works first hand. not 3rd or 4,5,6 party information. no friend's friend's, uncle's, brother in law stories. Please include what cars can be donor cars years models ect. Also include if it will need computer or adapter plates ect needed. Maybe est. cost of parts. maybe what stamp numbers ect. This list will help me and others pick the right transmission for our build or rebuild.
  9. lol not funny guy doesn't know its an Oldsmobile?
  10. Ain't going to happen anytime soon especially if it takes fabrication. And I gotta find a place. Sad thing is I got the cars both run cherry. Just want to know how possible. Easy/hard it is. Thez z really has bad gearing the motor rinds fine Not rich Or lean, does have a over size Carb (dual pump)
  11. Ok. here is the scenario. I have a slightly built 350 in the Z right now. mated to a turbo 350 trans I am told. It sucks mucho gas! (elderbrock intake and heads, some kind of lifters or rollers whatever!, cam, moroso oil pan, 4 core radiator. I don't know the true specs of the internal parts cause the guy i bought it from didn't know either.) I think its hooker shortie exhaust headers. Also it developed a trans leak. right under the shifter area. and the engine needs to be cleaned and polished. Also needs a smaller carb. Other than that the engine is good, starts, and runs strong. I'm wondering if it is possible to yank a 1983 Oldsmobile Delta88 motor and trans and swap it over to the Z. of course with out buying anything new. just swap. Thinking radiator and all. Also has a column shifter Let me know if this is just a R&R motor mounts match and the exhaust headers.
  12. did you find out? it looks real nice.
  13. i was never a fan of orange. but seems to be growing on me ever since I seen tangerine orange candy sprayed over airbrush flames. your car is very nice!! the hood up and sun hitting it like that is BAD A$$ to bad it looks like you broke down at the stop tho.
  14. what are the things i need to watch for when upgrading my 1988 truck engine thats in my z now to a newer 1999 or 2002 camarro engine? although the car came with a 350 built with atleast top end and a 350tubo trans with slap shifter. It sucks alot of gas and was thinking of something just as powerful with better milage. I can care less if it has a stick or auto as this is a play car. Is it an easy R&R type job since it already has a v8 in it? ( I bought the car built and ready to drive. the guy never knew about the car so i have no idea what is in it now. The motor in there now has elderbrock top end stuff. yet i don't know the HP or 1/4 times. Does amost 3k at 60mph tho. )
  15. Good. I see some low spots anyway. Sounds. Like you put alot of time & effort into painting. You should get the body work best you can. Good luck!
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