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  1. i fell asleep at the wheel on this post. yes, the four angled pieces of rubber. do you have them? (fingers crossed)
  2. Would love to find the rubber bumper ends for all four corners of the bumpers. These are crazy hard to find!
  3. I'm a newbie to this site and i'm blown away by the depth of information that has been compiled. i'm about to pull the trigger on this engine and trans combo...with only 22k miles on them. Does anyone have comment about this engine/trans combo? Is it recommended to swap out the R180 diff to something else? Suggestions? Also, can I utilize my current drive shaft? I appreciate your time in responding. I'm attaching a pic of my car that I'll be swapping into.
  4. I was trying to figure out why my z32 was idling so rough, as if a cylinder wasn't firing. New spark plugs (the ones recommended by Nissan) were installed. No change. I removed one coil pack at a time to see which cylinder may be suspect. Removing all coil packs resulted in rougher idle, EXCEPT when I removed coil pack #2. Thinking I was onto something, I concentrated on that cylinder. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the fuel injection wires and connectors were badly cracked and corroded. I bought some new connectors and attempted to swap out the old connector with the new one. I did so and started the car. It ran smoother than I had ever seen it run, then all of a sudden, white smoke from under the hood. I had partially melted the #2 coilpack. In reviewing my wiring, I had crossed two wires. No worries. I bought a new coil pack and installed it. Now I cannot get the car to turn over. It just chugs, smells like gas, but never sounds like it wants to start. It is getting spark and plenty of fuel. I've swapped out the PTU (series II) with a PTU from a well running 94 Z32. Still no start. Swapped out the CAS with a known good CAS, still no start. Thinking the worst, I found another ECU (same numbers and letters as the one in the problem Z32) and STILL no start. I have the FSM, but I'm not really seeing anything else to try. I would appreciate any input or suggestions as to what the next item or items I should check. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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