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  1. Sorry for the late reply (internet was out) but my screws were not staked in i removed the remaining screws from the other butterfly and the other carbs by soaking it in some penetrating fluid. And also thanks very much for the link to the parts i needed that really helped thanks again.
  2. Also for those eye joints i was wondering if these can be found at a home depot.
  3. Hello, recently i just recently purchased a used set of weber 40 dcoe. But basically i am missing a few parts such as the three eye joints that screw on to the manifold, and one butterfly and throttle shaft. What had happened was i bought the set of webers that had the three pieces of linkage missing so i new i was going to need those. But me being an idiot i was disassembling the first carb without penetrating fluid so i stripped the heads of the screws that hold the butterfly and the throttle shaft in place and i had to drill out the holes. But the throttle shaft needed to be replaced anyways since one of the ends threads were stripped. So basically i need one throttle shaft, one butterfly, and three of the eye joints that screw in to the manifold. The carbs seem to be fairly old italian weber Dcoe 18 No. 9E ,with a cannon manifold. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. I don't know if anyone will reply since it is such an old thread, but I am swapping in a ls1 into my 240z and i want to upgrade the wiring in my car. My question is will anything change about wiring the harness with an ls1 compared to the l6. Also will upgrading the harness defeat the purpose of getting the headlight and tail light relay to make my lights brighter? Or do i still need to buy the relays. Im talking about the relays from Msa. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Well its going to be a weekend car. Not really going on the track. I know im going to have to port match with the 45's what is the difference in terms of how the perform?
  6. Don't think so i got it off of some mexican guy that didn't assemble the engine correctly so all of the valves hit the pistons. So i found a head that had lots of work done to it, that's why i don't know what cam is in it.
  7. Also as you know from the video the exhaust sounds very raspy, even now with a resonator the raspy sound is gone but I want a sound like this but without paying an arm and a leg.
  8. Hello hybrid z I have a question regarding the triple weber carb kit that is for L series engines. Well i am planning on getting the carb kit but i'm not sure which one to get. Here is a video of my car specs on the engine are in the description. Not sure what cam but here is what i think it is Grind: 17036. Lift(In/Ex): .495/.495. Duration(In/Ex): 290/290 any thoughts on this.
  9. Hello fellow z owners i would like to see how much horse power i would be looking ad with an engine of these specs. >l28 >n42 head, ported polished, Lift(In/Ex): .560/.560. Duration(In/Ex): 300/300, kameari big valves >n42 block, ross forged 1mm over high comp pistons, 1mm head gasket >kameari high performance oil pump >later electronic distributer from 280zx >ztherapy su carbs >msa 6-1 headers 2.5" exhaust system Engine will also be about a 10.5:1 compression ratio
  10. So this means my pistons are 86.75mm? Im
  11. Hello i have a question i have a 240z with an l28 swap that the previous owner didn't do engine work correctly on, any ways when the previous owner put the head on he didn't set the timing correctly and the valves hit the pistons. So when i got the car i pulled the head of and replaced it with a performance head and it runs great, but now thinking back doesn't .75 overbore seem a bit much because .040 is ideal and that is 1mm overbore then that means that a .75 overbore is equal to 19mm which is insane or is the .75 overbore already in mm but even if it is it seems insane. I shouldn't be two worried about it because my car runs great but i was just wondering. Heres a video i made of t a while back. I know it sounds really raspy but since then i put a resonator on it and it sounds way better.
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