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  1. I tried contacting the manufacturer. I couldn’t find a phone number and the address is a house in Florida that was recently sold.
  2. That's the kit. I have the instructions but no gauge. I need the measurement identified by the white arrow.
  3. I’m replacing the tc rod bushings on my 240z and have a g-machine tc rod bearing kit installed. I don’t have the gauge that came with the kit and hope that someone has one and could measure it for me. Thanks.
  4. Check out this thread on classiczcars.com: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/open-zcar-discussion/46603-s30-3d.html Not sure the dash area has been modeled yet, though. Dave IZCC #508
  5. Just a late comment. 240z's with automatic transmissions also had 3.54 R180 diffs.
  6. Actually, the lowest point is about the same now, with 4 1/2" of ground clearance. It does look worse in the picture. I'm going to replace the Eibach springs on the car now with Euro Stage 1 springs that I've had for years, which will raise the car 1-1 1/2" if I can determine how much I need to cut the springs for a stock ride height.That will also help.
  7. Thanks, all, for your comments. My response was delayed because I decided to have a local shop look at the problem. The problem was not the header (~3/8" clearance), but contact with both the trans mount and diff housing. The motor, trans, and diff mounts have only a few thousand miles on them and look solid. To solve the problem, he bent a new 2 1/2" exhaust system, installed new hangers, a 24"-long resonator, and reused my DynoMax Super Turbo muffler in the back. What a difference. No more rattles, and no more resonance at 1800-2k RPM! I'm very pleased. I also had an O2 bung installed in the wye-pipe for an aftermarket FI system still in the research phase. I attached a couple of before & after pics.
  8. I have a 6 into 2 header (Nismo Competition, I believe) that actually pressed against the tunnel wall by the gas pedal when I installed the engine. I hammered the tunnel wall sheetmetal enough to get some clearance, but the header still moves enough to rattle more than occasionally. This is unacceptable. Has anyone tried to bend header pipes to provide more clearance? Half an inch would be adequate. Am I asking for problems? The header is well built otherwise, with a 3/8" flange. I could also pull the header over with a strap, but that's my 2nd choice.
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