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  1. Thanks for your help R3VO 3VOM. I'm working on trading a Power FC I Have for some 17x9 +12's. Hopefully he bites so I can post em up!
  2. Any one have pics of 17x9 et+15 no flares...? searched threw the las 30 pages and nothing yet. Thanks
  3. So will 17x10's with +20 offset fit all around, using an Eastwood fender roller?
  4. How are the wind noises with the KIA seals above 100mph?
  5. Anyone able and willing to measure the thread pitch on the coilovers?
  6. build looks great!, love the zero rust motivation! and does the sr use the original tranny mount and doe it sit behind the subframe?
  7. Thanks for all that info, I have a temp sensor somewhere, I have to find it, I ordered it a long time ago. Does the CS injector spray in pulses cause that would describe the rpm fluctuation. I haven't had time to read the FSM yet, and probably won't till next week cause my cousins wedding. The TB coupler is crack here and there but I taped it up like a mofo for the time being. I got one off a zx but the TB side of it seems too small...
  8. Haha. Thanks I have it downloaded, and know a fair bit of engines. I'll actually go head and read it probably on Saturday to see if I can understand it correctly. Might help me not have to use a switch anymore, hate wiring diagrams though. But why would it cut out. Ahhhhhh!
  9. New Zed, what are you talking about, did you not read the topic of this thread, and there is a reason I didn't state the engine... It's stock. Do you not know what a stock 75 280 comes with? When it starts revving on its own it runs clean and smooth. Connectors do not not have that green oxidation on them, couple wire are chafed but all strands are still intact, that's on injector wires and tps wires. I read that there is something under the throttle body that has an adjustment screw and needs cleaned periodically, is that true? I didn't have time to check. Could it be the injectors get stuck open and just spay constant? Thanks for the replies.
  10. Ok I got my 280 to run, fuel pump is hooked up to a switch. When she starts, she starts right away, but revs up to around 3000 then bounces off 2500 to 3000 constantly and when I hit the gas she wants to die. I pulled the plugs and she is running very rich. And sometimes if I play with the gas pedal she will randomly rev very high past 5000 with the pedal pulled all the way up. I am pretty confused about this situation.
  11. what coilover setups are you guys using for the thicker 280z strut tubes?
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