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  1. So bad!! Photobucket really messed up my earlier build progress pics hosting. Anyway here are a few. For comparison performance wise, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana CA, on the 2.7 mile Roval (front straight, banking, and infield) best time is 2 min flat, versus my previous E46 M3 which ran 1:55 with about 40 whp more.
  2. Back posting again guys.....to update on the Quaife, it's working as it should on track, pulls hard on corner exits, no complaints on strange sounds, good so far. But reason for posting is, coolant seems to keep getting past the cap. I'm using the Arizona Z Car cross flow alum, and have used 13, 16, 20 lb caps, still not solving the problem. Pulled the plugs, looks good with brownish insulators, no oil burning. Although I haven't done any leakdown test, could this be a head gasket issue? It seems street driving doesn't give the same issues. Any ideas?
  3. Thinking back when he used to autox his RX-3, those were fun years at Cal Club events. He always was and forever be appreciated for his straighforward, no fluff, answers. Hi techical knowledge was huge. Certainly my prayers for his family, even at this late post.
  4. Nice work, who is your local tuner? This may be my next steps, single turbo route, I've been tracking on the stock turbos, reliable but ready for upgrades. And what EM are you using? So far I'm heading for the plug-n-play AEM.
  5. Hi Carlton, The Quaife was installed then I street drove it about 50 miles easy pace as suggested, and then tracked it on one event. No noises or any overheating, all seem to work great. I noticed how nice it pulls off corners now! M Factory diff shop in CA installed it, Offset Motorwerks did the R/R, also installed a filtered breather hose to vent high in the rear deck area. Do you get noises with yours? This is the fluid I'm using
  6. Following your build, sounds wicked! How long is your plan before track ready? Hope to see ya soon, tracking, since you're local.
  7. Sweet finished product and awesome pics! My track build will never be that pristine. Keep modding...
  8. Track day at Auto Club Speedway Fontana CA, Nissan Challenge, had fun with the new Quaife! So planted out of corners! Here's a short clip in the faster Red/Race group Sorry for the bit of glare, need to place GoPro mount in a better loc. https://youtu.be/3pkpY1T_b2M One issue: 280ZX brake booster gave out, but the good thing is, lets me modulate braking so much better with the firmer set up. So, need recommendations up for booster delete.
  9. Next track day coming up! Quaife is in!! Prelim drive-around seems solid. I'll have some good company, Nissan Challenge at Auto Club Speedway, Speed Ventures event. Recent Z Bash put out by Motorsport Auto - zcarparts.com
  10. Ian, what can you say about differences, your experience, between the Quaife and OS, since I've bought the Quaife already, just needed the install with new bearings etc?
  11. Prepping for another track day, all's going well. EM is still in the works, probably going with AEM. Couple of upgrades very soon though - Quaife LSD, lighter seats.
  12. Apprec that info, Ian, I'd take it that the MAF will be thrown out when using any of these systems, which will free up room in the engine compartment?
  13. That is true, Sovereign, this was the case with the Evolve-R e-tunes for my M3, they're in Britain and does take a while for any turnaround/updates. I have a couple of local enough sources to 'interview', I guess the more back and forth questions/answers will tell me which shop to go with. One that seems knowledgeable is FSR Motorsports in Montclair CA. They specialize more on 2JZ motors but have actually tuned RB motors before.
  14. I was just discussing options with a local tuner familiar with the RB26. They suggested AEM ECU to replace the stock Central SPL for the various tunable options (pump gas, E85, etc) AND available support. Any inputs? Ian you mentioned the G4+, how does it compare? Anyone has experience on a reliable crank trigger system (Ross, ??) to replace the stock CAS? Again, I'm interested in a step-wise approach to mods, aiming at just over 300whp from the current 256whp.
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