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  1. If you are looking for an auto shifter.. 2 for sale in parts for sale section.. BM Z Gate chevy/ford ... OEM stock Z shifter,knob,floor plate tix4u2fly@aol.com
  2. Sounds like counter shaft bearing going out..
  3. Did you replace it with the right bulb.. did you use a 2 filament bulb or a 1 filament bulb.
  4. The seller of light covers for the Z on ebay will sell just the mounting kit..screws brackets and seals.. use the ask a question tab..
  5. Have you tryed a small pointed punch and a hammer to try to tapturn the broken bolts out..always worked for me..
  6. Sounds like you have a stolen or salvaged car. Have you carfax the vin on the firewall that might tell you alot.. You have a choice if you like the car drive it and enjoy.. If you go to the police and it's stolen you loose the car.. If salvaged I don't know CA law... How long have you had it..can you get your money back... you can tell seller you will go to police if they don't take it back.. then do it anyway when you get money back..
  7. What year Z... does it turn over... got spark at plugs... got gas when you operate the carb should see it squirt at full throttle... got ign wires in order 153624...does it spit and fart at all...
  8. Have you put a fuel pressure gage on the fuel line. does it hold.. pressure or drop off fast like leaking....
  9. Id also check all grounds for bare metal contect.. for the head light check the fuse for the dim light side..
  10. Are the vettes coupes or ragtops.. photos..
  11. Did you install a new tensioner with all this work?? Might be clogged alittle or worn on the shaft, is the spring long enough/worn/weak..
  12. I can't really see how over filling the brake res will fix any problem.. Have you checked the wheel bearings. strut top mounts and nuts. Replace the rack bushing or just shim one with 2 pieces of inner tube or the like to tighten up. Rubber joint in steering shaft starting to weaken up..
  13. Are your doors for the heating controled by vac. if so check all vac lines for cracks in e center of dashng compartment and under dash and control unit.
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