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  1. Just wondering what ITB's you are running? Look great so far. Ferhan
  2. Check the V-6 engine forum. Mckinney Motorsports just posted they will have the swap kit shortly. Check vq240z.com for Hoke's website. Ferhan
  3. Would you want a 72 240z with a 350 sbc and 350 trans? Ferhan
  4. That is a very impressive build. If you get bored make me one of those chassis and send it my way. Ferhan
  5. I am. I only wish you were closer. Could really use your help with the same stuff you are working on. Great job so far. Ferhan
  6. PM me your paypal and shipping address. I will to get the shackles out to you next next. Ferhan
  7. You already know I want one but I figured I post here too. Ferhan
  8. I have just finished installing a GM 3 wire alternator in my 72 Z. I have gone through the write up on the forums on how to do it. I now need to know what to do with the wires that go to the voltage regulator. I did see some diagrams showing what to do with them on a 76 and newer. Please help. Thanks in advance. Ferhan
  9. What is the price for the fwd kit? What is included? Any pictures? Thanks. Ferhan
  10. I have disconnected the voltage regulator. The battery stays at 12 volt without drainning. Somehow, this also took care of my run on issue. The car now does turn off when I turn the key to the off position. Ferhan
  11. The alternator looks like it is the stock or original one to me. Here is a picture of it. Ferhan
  12. Thanks. Got the fuel filter all taken care of. The alternator hook up is correct. I decided to unplug the voltage regulator to see if the voltage would still increase and over charge the battery. The voltage stayed at 12.4 or so. I let the car running for a while and it did not decrease or increase at all. I drove it around the block and checked again. Still the same. I checked the wires and they were not hot and the one off the started was not smoking. Not really sure what is going on here. Ferhan
  13. I had to put the point pretty close together to get it to fire. I believe that it is misfiring because there is a slight stumbling. I am still working on my voltage issue. I replaced the V.R. but my voltage is still increasing above 16 volts. My wires are heating up and the white power wire off the starter smokes after a minute or two. Ferhan
  14. I got the car started. Thanks to everyone. Have a question. Once I got it started, I noticed the white wire on the stater was smoking. It was the positive 8 gauge wire right where the battery is attached to the starter. Any ideas as to what is happening? I will be changing the voltage regulator once it arrives. Will that solve the problem? Thanks. Ferhan
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