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  1. I dont really care about performance i just want to make the car as safe as possible, because i know when i cut the roof it's going to extremely weaken the car. With the roof weak, the car could possibly fold up in a wreck, and i don't want that to happen.
  2. WOW! then tell me how bad is your chassis twisting. im thinking about running two beams along the side of the door like in the elise chassis. I think the only problem would be the space between the door and the seats. I guess that why the elise doors are shaped so oddly. Elise chassis. check out the inside of the elise also i would need to strengthen that metal tube the stick shift sit on, i forgot the name of that, oh well one of you should know.
  3. Is that a kit or something. I wonder if that setup would keep the car from folding up in a car wreck.
  4. when your done with the back, will you take a picture of it from over the car, like stand on your house and take a picture, so i can see the curves of the car.
  5. man i want some rear lights like that, how can i get my rear light like that.
  6. Well if you ask me all that doesn’t matter because they are all crappy but great cars. We invest in potential and dreams.
  7. what was the problem, did it leak or was the chasis wrong?
  8. I dont want to send it to a shop for two reasons. First it want look the way i want it to, body shops alway cut the T bar to narrow and i dont want it narrow, i want it wide like the 280zx, last im not trying to spend to alot money.
  9. have anyone done a T-top conversion for a 240z, 260z, 280z? im thinking of doing it, because it would really look cool :). And if so how would you do it, take the T-top off a 280zx and weld on to a Z or send it to a body shop. well anyway if anybody done this before please post pics.
  10. awwwwwww im late, well all old cars like the zs are rusty becase they were not primed or anything just painted. I wanted to restore a 1967 fastback eleanor mustang until i figured out about the rust problems. yelp all the old but great car have. i love fastbacks!!!!
  11. WOW!!!! dude! I wonder how much this is running you, and how much exprience you have.
  12. i can't wait to see it when it's done, i have never seen a zx with a wide body kit. anyway where did you get it from. sorry im new.
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