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  1. It's Steve Johnston and my friend David Dunn😎
  2. Still lurking around, would be happy to see you guys again. I'll be watching...
  3. I am picking up a 70 model this week. I have pics on my phone I can text to you. Its a very complete car with no missing parts. $1300
  4. I'll be there Thursday thru Sunday
  5. Looks like you guys had a great time, sorry we missed it. The hood scoop was for 260Z's by the way... . Great pics!
  6. [quote name= For sake of simplicity' date=' the farthest you could remove the stock drivetrain would be to cut out and reshape the floor right in front of the diff and mount the motor directly to the diff, allowing removal of the driveshaft and transmission. The only concern here is that you need to make sure you're not going to overheat the motor at lower speeds, and not go beyond it's RPM limits at higher speeds. A larger motor is less likely to overheat, but of course it's larger and harder to fit into the space requirements without impeding upon the passengers. [/quote] Seems to me that spinning the diff around and putting the motor where the gas tank was would be the better route. This would be both easier to cool and help offset the weight of the batteries in front.
  7. Kudo's for probably to coolest start to finish swap I have seen here lately. You did a great job balancing custom work with ingenuity and making the necessary arrangements with the exhaust and transmission setup so that the car can be easily worked on and/or modified. Thank you so much for the documentation also. I hope you won't mind talking to me at some point as my own S30-VH45 project moves along. I, along with others here I'm sure, would like to copy what you did with the trans adapter if you have any detailed specs you would be willing to share. I will watch closely as you progress as I am interested how the motor will react to a stiff shot of nitrous. Very smart and thoughtful build you have executed here. I am so VERY impressed with the overall car. The tasteful badgeing is enough, the exhaust note tells the rest of the story. My hat is off to you sir!
  8. Check 'em. Park the car, set the brake, put your foot on the top/front of the front tire and push hard toward the back (like you are trying to roll the car backwards with your foot). if the whole wheel/tire assy moves back, you need TC rod bushings. They can cause the kind of shake you are describing. Good luck with it!
  9. a couple of pics from paint jail. Under car area is coming along... This is getting the vh45 plus turbo. CF flares and cowl hood. More parts pics coming soon. I have a pretty good collection of parts together for this build. Not at the level of the Blaktout car, but maybe a little more rowdy?
  10. Whats it gonna take to get you to the next SEZS Phil? . Like Bill Murray said in "Stripes", "I gotta have some beers with this guy..."
  11. This is obviously a "no expense spared" build you have here. That being said, I am going to ask the bluntly obvious and hope you are not offended. The approximate pricetag on this build is what curious minds want to know, well maybe just my curious mind. If you would rather not say, I understand, but the price of a 100 percent farm out job has to be adding up to a pretty tidy sum by now. Just a round number would be fine...
  12. gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!
  13. I used a "Neapco" brand adapter part # N2-2-899-1 . It uses a chevy size u-joint . I'm not sure if it is the same as the spicer 1310. The neapco bolts to the r200. Hope this helps...
  14. Man did I have fun! It was (and still is) unbelievable hot out there with temps near 100 degrees. First was a "mother duck" session where we followed a lead car around the track at a pretty good clip. Car felt good. Instructor was pretty cool and obviously knew the track well. He seemed OK with my driving and said my former experience autocrossing was pretty evident. I felt VERY inexperienced but I was not timid. It was fun! A couple of hours later, 2nd session starts. After a few laps,I was feeling a bit more confident and picked up the pace. Got the OK to do some passing and was able to run down and pass some Porsches and BMW's. Was that ever COOL! I did have a minor spin but stayed on the track and got going right away again. Had to come in for a quick scolding. Then got to go back out and pass the same cars again. That was cool too. I was basically able to drive around in 3rd gear as the car had pretty good torque at low rpms but later in the session started using 2nd coming into and out of the tighter turns. It was really strong and the instructor was quite impressed with the old Z's "brutal" (his words) torque. Finished the session after the checkered flag and three turns into the cooldown lap, a huge plume of smoke comes out and the car fills with smoke, trans fluid all over the hot exhaust. I pull off the track and get out, there was so much smoke, I thought the car was on fire. Looks like the transmission overheated and popped or pushed out the front seal, at least I hope thats what happened. Its pumping fluid out from behind the torque converter now. Thus ends the weekend of racing. If I am going to do more of this, I am going to need a way bigger trans cooler and probably a oil temp and trans temp gauge inside. The wilwoods never faded in the least and the 200lb springs seemed just fine with very little body roll. All in all, a great time although a bit on the expensive side. I used Kumho v700 tires, size 225/50-16. 2 1/2 degrees neg camber is all I could get out of the plates but it seemed like enough. It was kind of embarassing breaking like it did in front of the Porsche crowd but then again, it got a lot of respect for the solid track capabilities. By the way, Brody's r33 Skyline was just flawless, running down FAST cars all day long with zero issues. I should have some pics in a few days.
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