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  1. yes any 5 speed will work for sure, i have gone through 3 of them from constant abuse. they came out of a 80, 81, and the stock trans in my car was 79. non of which were the t5 as the turbo motor came out of an automatic. just dont get real power shift happy and youll be fine. literally abusing mine every day any time the car is rolling i get a solid year out of each one. best $300 i ever spent (price of the turbo 2+2 i stripped to make my car, it was in a junk yard)
  2. i also daily drive my 79 turbo swapped zx. not by choice but because i wrecked my daily driver. i have to say the car is anything but ideal this time of year in ohio. i hate driving it in the salt and snow and even with a new blower motor the heat is anything but stellar. the car is so much fun to drive... just not in cold temps. stick with the econo box and dont worry about another 300,000 miles because the car isnt worth anything anyway.
  3. what color iterior??? i need the a-pillar covers and all the trunk side moldings. i need the center top dash vents if they are in good shape. let me know how all of this stuff looks
  4. nope i know the heater core is good because i just replaced last week. i went through three different cores from parts cores from parts cars before i finally just yanked the one out of my dads car. his is on blocks totally stripped any way so he wont be needing it for a while.
  5. so i wake up an hour early this morning to go out and clean off the car and warm it up before heading to class, everything is going according to plan. i jump in the car and start heading to school in the -8 below temps and half way to school i notice the z is running a little warmer than usual. i think this is odd as it is soooo cold outside, but i continue on. then a little while later i notice it is 3/4 of the way to 270 mark on the temp gauge. i pull it into the gas station and shut it down. i popped the hood, felt the radiator and its hot, as well as the upper radiator house so i know the thermostat is working. the belt isnt slipping on the water pump so im left with assuming its the pump itself. it never fails, i just got the car in daily driving condition and this happens. i guess it wasnt daily ready just yet.
  6. yea but the girl friend comes in handy at night time... no matter what she costs you during the day, if she is a great girl its totally worth the material investment. mine doesnt cost me much to maintian, has never left me stranded and gets my mind off my car when i need to relax. probably a better investment than my car, im certain of it.
  7. It wont make any difference as long as it is still unleaded, but your just throwing your money away. The compression on these motors is so low that regular 87 octane is more than enough to keep it from detonating. The only reason to use higher octane is for higher compression, either a lot of boost or really high comp. pistons. Save your money good sir. Unless you are detonating on 93 octane there is no reason to run 100 octane.
  8. Honestly go with an XD... more accuratly go with an XDM 40. The guns are amazing.They come stock with a match grade barrel, can be put through total toruture and still function flawlessly. I currently have an XD 45acp in the tactical length and it is one of the most dead on accurate hand guns I have ever fired right from the factory. For my ccw I carry an XD 40 sub compact. It handles nine in the magazine and one in the chamber... more than enough to protect yourself, but if you want more it has an extended magazine that holds 12 rounds. Now the XDM 40 holds way more and is way more accurate than my sub compact due to the longer match grade barrel. The guns are amazing, just not very well known yet so not nearly as trusted as a berreta or glock. However they perform better from my experience than either of the other two previously mentioned options.
  9. wow that looks like crap, it looks like it just says "PARK" under a wierd swirl... ill fix it in the morning. way too tired
  10. Here, i was bored and have a few drinks in me, a half hour in paint and this is what i came up with...
  11. blairjj I just realized your from Centerville. I currently attend Wright State University and I live in Fairborn. We should get together sometime and talk z's. I work at diamonds so if you ever see a red 280zx there I am working. I'm sure you know what diamonds is so I wont go into it lol. pm me and we can talk more about Dayton life.
  12. I have never gone to any meetings, but about two and a half years ago I went through a really bad slump and used alcohol on an hourly basis to deal with it. I worked 6 days a week and spent every penny on my habbit. I would drink when I woke up, in the shower, bring a flask with me to work, and usually kill more than a case a night. My brother finally sat me down and talked to me about what I was doing... and how he had gone through the same thing in college. It convinced me to change my life. I had to remember back to what made me happy before I started drinking and start doing those things again. I had to change all of my friends, and where I hung out. Two years later and I finally have my life back under control, I have a really good job, doing much better in school and only socially drink a couple days a month. Probably the hardest time of my life but with the support of my family I made it through it.
  13. here is a link, i just found like 5 sets on ebay in 4 lug. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/18-XXR-Black-wheels-Nissan-240SX-S13-S14-Staggered-Rims_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a1205Q7c66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a12Q7c39Q3a1Q7c240Q3a1318QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem360108136414QQitemZ360108136414QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories all you have to do is search for s13 wheels. i always searched for staggered s13 wheels and then search for the the 4 lug auctions. there are always alot of them out there. i had to contact a couple sellers to get the right rim width and offset in the color i wanted but in the end it all worked out. i would not recommend buying from sgmotoring as i sent them multiple messages and never got a response, however motostartire responded to me first day and custom ordered what i needed and had them sent directly to my house from the factory. i would highly recommend motostar, very good price and excellent customer service.
  14. i just recieved my set of 962's in the mail today. they are just like Guy's only in gun metal. excellent rims and actually pretty light for 18's. i love the staggered look and these were the best looking rims i have found with that nice big lip in the rear and 5 spoke design. plus the price was unbeatable.
  15. beautiful engine bay and a very nice right hand drive 280zx. i actually have only seen pics of two others. must be a blast to drive. and yes an ls1 in these cars seems like the best choice. this is what i plan on doing only with a 5.3l baby ls1 and a t76 turbo to pull the power out of it. if you dont mind me asking how strong is the v6 with turbo? i take it this is a track car, have any problems with reliability?
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