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  1. To the people on this website: I'm sorry, my husband has actually committed suicide and left a note saying that I should update you guys on this thread. His turbo AFM problems finally got to him so badly that he had to end it all. Its too bad nobody could just simply perform this 30 minute test, this could all be over with. Now i have to clean up a mess of oil, gasoline and toasted flesh, again I'm so sorry this had to happen.
  2. You need to read other threads and also read the grammar and punctuation rules for this site. The rods are fine, you can check them just in case for out of round, or check for torsions. Stock rods are capable for up to 400 HP? Anyhow, some people run forged pistons with stock rods because they are very resilient. Every other L28et rebuild related questions have already been asked and answered.
  3. I have searched, and I have read atlanticz's spring calibration. http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/afm/calibration/index.html Here are some numbers for the N/A L28 tension required for the Air Flow Meter (AFM) 149 ml required for swiper to reach the half-way mark. Testing my newly acquired turbo AFM there was only exactly 50ml required to move the swiper to the halfway mark. What is going on?? Is there ANY input, if someone did a picture recorded test with their turbo AFM it would save me so much time and well, is too late for money because I bought this AFM for $25...
  4. For anyone who is wondering about cockerstar, he is a honest guy and really willing to help. I'm sorry I questioned his integrity and I retract any statements made in frustration. I humbly apologize for tainting your reputation. the united states post office SUCKS
  5. Detailed Results: Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 28, 2010, 9:44 pm, BELL, CA 90201 Bullet Processed through Sort Facility, February 24, 2010, 12:34 pm, HAZELWOOD, MO 63042 Bullet Acceptance, February 18, 2010, 1:39 pm, KENNEWICK, WA 99336 hahahahahah wtf united states???
  6. thanks cockerstar for the reply, I didn't get a chance to check anything this weekend but that sure is disappointing that its in Missouri...I'll give them a call and see what's up...Thanks for looking up that stuff and for everything you've done.
  7. okay i'm very frustrated with how long it is taking!!! But still in question: what happens if somebody pays and the other person never even had the item, is it just a "he-said / she-said" case or what? I'm sure this has happened before, so what happens next?
  8. Okay I bought an ECU and AFM from cockerstar 2 weeks ago...he said he shipped them out and i haven't received any messages back...i'm not saying he hasn't shipped but it shouldn't take 8 days to get a package from washington to california. I'm not accusing him of anything, but lets just say that someone has gotten screwed in a deal, how would you go about getting your money back, or some form of justice even though you've already paypaled the person? I've grown very impatient and extremely frustrated as you can imagine...
  9. dude good luck i dont think i've ever even heard of that before!! You can try it but its a long shot man
  10. since your cap was open, maybe you had a small leak to the flapper door from the carbon track area which let excess air in -> bad reading -> symptoms
  11. You know this has put my car out of commission for around 5 weeks now, and I will be so happy when I can get it resolved! I just want to have it running for a while, and first major electrical component that goes out, i'll probably switch to Megasquirt When I get the AFM from cockerstar, I will let you know first thing! Thanks for you advice!!
  12. THank you for your replies! I'm VERY thankful that you guys are trying to help me out, really I am! Yes, I've done a resistance check on the CHTS and it is very much working. My AFM I'm extremely dodgy about, I had it running when I tweaked it 5 teeth richer, and I'm not quite sure if the "factory" setting it was originally at was factory at all. The PO really messed with it, I had a plethora of problems because I had to adjust the flap to touch the carbon strip a while back, it wasn't even touching!! Don't ask me how, but I'm still pretty suspicious...I ordered one from cockerstar thoug
  13. Okay this might be fuel and it might be electrical, I got drivable, but here's the thing: Engine warm: With the CHTS unplugged it will drop idle 4* to around 24* and ANY throttle will drop it to 30+ With the CHTS plugged IN It will idle at 20* (which is what I set it to) and ANY throttle will advance it to 10* YUCK!!! I cleaned ALL my electrical contacts, maybe a ground is off somewhere? Maybe the gremlins are having a field day in my engine bay.
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