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  1. BTW, happy birthday!

  2. Hey, It's been awhile. How are you doin and hows the car comin?

  3. singin' the cylinder head blues

  4. Thanks everyone! I think we found what we needed.
  5. Juan240z, the injectors we spoke about previously are the turbo injectors that you had posted. Those wont work for this project. As for MY turbo project, I went with something else, stock turbo ones arent going to work for me. I was more interested what the other ones you had were, before you sold that set.
  6. I'm posting for a friend who needs a good working set of injectors for his '79 ZX. He has a mismatched set that are barely working. We're open for options, as long as they flow close to stock (totally stock engine). Let me know if anyone has something kicking around that they aren't using, maybe a complete rail with fpr? Thanks!
  7. I've seen literally hundreds of turbine housings cracked around the wastegate. In fact, when we had one come through the shop that WASN'T cracked, it was rare. In the cases that I would see the same engine a few years later for another overhaul, I never observed the cracks getting much worse until years later. Eventually the gasses will erode the metal around the crack, but that will take years and years, and 4 or 5 rebuilds later, and everything else will be worn out 3 times by then. This observation is based on my experience with marine and industrial diesel engines, and the housings in question were typically run red hot, 24/7, at full load for around 10,000 hours only shutting down every few days for an oil change. Then overhauled whether they needed it or not. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I don't believe it would effect boost whatsoever, unless it was big enough to stick a pencil through.
  8. +1 on tig with argon purge, save the mig for body work.
  9. I'm very happy with my Sig 239, DA/SA. Its a bit smaller frame, and a single stack mag. Very nice for concealed carry. I bought it in .40SW and have shot thousands of rounds through it at the range with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I also have the .357SIG barrel and magazine. I've only fired a few hundred rounds of the .357 through it, and let me tell you, its a very impressive round. Accuracy is spot on with either, although I'm a little more consistent with the .40, probably because I'm more used to it. The .357SIG is a handful, hits fast and hard, but quite expensive. I cant say enough good things about the Sig. I'm a customer for life.
  10. I've had good luck dealing with the members here. 2 or 3 transactions I think, thanks guys!
  11. Mine used to get stuck on the rug... Surprisingly, it took me a while to find it, I was checking linkage, rod ends, everything but the d@mn carpet.
  12. Are you saying that the only fuel you can buy in your area is ethanol blend??
  13. Seat of the pants tells me that my motorcycle doesn't like it one bit. I get the same feeling of the computer pulling some timing out of it. I try and avoid the ethanol blend, but occasionally it's not a choice.
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