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  1. What happened that makes you say this? Just curious at who to buy and who not to buy from... -Kyle
  2. Looks amazing! Please post progress pictures! I'm super curious how the installation process goes... -Kyle
  3. Also interested in hearing peoples experience. While its very new, hopefully someone on here has got one. -Kyle
  4. Thanks for this, this the exact one I have on my 77. This was very helpful! Many thanks -Kyle
  5. Do you have any pictures of this seat belt feature Seattle jester? That sounds like a very interesting little gadget. If no pics, the manufacturers who are using them? Thanks. -Kyle
  6. I just recently sat in an R32 and the first thing I noticed about the seats were the lack of adjustment. It doesn't have an infinitely adjustable recliner option. It's two positions, near bolt up right, or full gangster almost a 45* angle. So yeah, I would plop your but in one and try the seats before buying them as they are quite expensive for, 20+yr old seats. -Kyle
  7. Hey all, Looking just for some confirmation in my research. I have a 77 280, had the original vinyl found on the rear shock towers. I ripped that out for dynamat and becuase it was in rough shape. I really like the look of the diamond pattern found on the shock tours and floor pan sidewalls in the 240Z's. So much so, I want it in my Z. I found this very informative post from BRAAP, that indicates there isn't anything too crazy that changed from the 240Z to 280Z that would prevent these from fitting. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/57506-240z-260z-or-280z-chassisbody-differences/ I know things like the Trans tunnel changed (already pounded that out to make room for seats) but is there anything that would prevent me from installing the diamond pattern shock tower covers and floor pan sidewall pieces from fitting? And if they can fit, will they still fit (albeit a bit snug) with dynamat between the vinyl and the tower itself? Thanks guys, hope this is any easy one. -Kyle
  8. I'm looking at installing the same set of seats in my 77, tunel bashing has already been done, but I'd still like to see how you're making yours fit. Care to post pics? -Kyle
  9. Thank you good sir. Is this just out of your own stock or do you have a store or website I can visit? -Kyle
  10. Oh yeah I forgot about that place. Thank you. And I'm lucky enough to have some really old dealers around, plus places like Z sport in Everett, and Z specialities. Not saying they always have what I need, but they definitely carry Z NOS stuff on their shelves. And you have me interested, definitely interested in some rubber pieces, new bolts, wiper rubber mounts. Do you want me to pm you? Thanks for the reply. -Kyle
  11. Hey guys, Im currently hunting down rust in my project 77 Z, and i removed the Wiper linkage assembly and the motor that sit under the cowl area. Its in pretty rough shape as is the steal in the cowl itself, but that's for another time. What i need is a diagram and part numbers so i can get in touch with a dealer somewhere, that has some of the misc pieces i need. I've tried many times to get a working copy of FAST, and well with my recent plunge into Win 10, i don't see that happening anytime soon. Anyway, hope someone out there has a screen shot they can snap for me. Much appreciated. -Kyle
  12. I've seen a guy put 350Z stalks on his S13. Really cleaned up the look his interior, but I'm sure the bride Vios', Nardi deep corn, and nismo 350Z dash had some help too. Lol It would be cool to see someone graft some modern items like that, but at the same time, I love the look of the indicator stalk, it has such a basic function and reflects that in its design. I can try and find that build thread of the s13 if you like? -Kyle
  13. Ah man, you are the real MVP! Storing parts for people is truly a testament to the car guy mentality, helping each other out, before they even need it! Thanks again for the photos. -Kyle
  14. I understand that, but I'm big believer in,"it's installed from the factory, so it must be installed for a reason". I also understand there are exceptions and limitations to that rule. Idk maybe your right. It makes sense. I'll sleep on this one. And yeah, my bad, I'm terrible with fractions, not really a big fan of the Imperial system in the first place. Lol And thank you Dan, once again, I take it you have some future plans with the spare well? Thanks again for all the help. I truly appreciate it. -Kyle
  15. Rturbo 930- Wouldn't the box shape provide additional stiffness or rigidity? So If I'm going to take that piece out and replace it with a flat piece of steel,(per the recommendation of those here) putting that thin 18 gauge (or whatever thickness it is) in place would make it less stiff than when it started. So to make up for the strength but using less space, it would have to be a thicker steel? Right? While I will concede 1/4 might be a bit much, going to that thin OE thickness sheet metal seems like a waste of time. I'm thinking 3/8th's might be a winner here. Would everyone say that would be a safe choice? Thanks again for the pictures Dan. Gotta ask, did you just have that cut away lying around or did you do that for little Ole me? Lol Thanks again for all the input guys, really appreciated. -Kyle
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