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  2. I thought that was it but what did this other valve come from? the dish in the valve face is a little deeper too. I like the deeper dish for slightly lower compression (I'm thinking of going turbo)
  3. I've got a p79 head that i am rebuilding for my z. I've got everyting off and I'm in the process of cleaning all the parts. Today i was cleaning the valves up and i noticed that 1 of the exaust valves is different from the other 5. The five that are the same have a Datsun symbol and an E on the valve face. the one that is different just says EX on it, and it has 2770 stamped into the valve stem near the top. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT?
  4. NO. It should only open when you close the throttle suddenly. Are you sure its coming from the BOV.
  5. Oh I see, he only has a coil. Then ya TimZ is right. fa-sho.
  6. yup, i agree. But there's no need to use a dizzy with the crank trigger. program your Haltec to get trigger signal and have your ignition system distribute spark.
  7. If you bled the clutch by yourself than you did'nt do it right unless you used a vacuum bleeder. You need to open the bleeder and get someone to push the pedal all the way in, hold it in, check the fluid level(do not let it go dry), let the pedal out, push it all the way in and hold, then tighten up the bleeder.
  8. If your upgrading turbos there's a hole new list of things you'll need, depending on how much boost you want to run. As far as what head is best, you'll have to do some searching but as long as you have a turbo cam to go in that head you'll be fine. I dont think you will get the money that you put into that other head so I would hold off on that head for now.
  9. is ther a reason why you are using a distributor at all? if you have a crank trigger+ignition system, you don't need a distributor at all.
  10. to make a turbo engine you'll only need a turbo head, dizzy, turbo+manifold, computer and wiring harness. maybe a few other things like fuel pump, injectors. but the block and bottom rotating assemblies are the same. are you planning on upgrading the turbo or staying stock turbo?
  11. what kind of ignition are you runing? (msd, ect...) and why do you have a vacuum advance, you must have an N/A dizzy
  12. Any good machine shop will be able to repair that. simply tear down the head grind out the crack i, if its not really deep, and weld it up. Could be pretty spendy though. What kind of setup are you planning to run. Could be cheaper to buy a built-up head from a known builder. edit:I've seen this done on steel/cast iron heads but i don't see why not on an aluminum head
  13. did you have help to bleed the clutch?
  14. that looks like a good part for a low pressure turbo setup, but if you want to run high boost (15+) the wastegate is most effective at 15-20 deg. off the header/manifold. This part is at 90 deg.
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