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  1. Little update, I eventually got rid of all my Z car stuff. I told myself that I wasn’t going to build any more cars. Well... idk about you guys, but that’s no fun so I bought another Z and another V12. Follow me on Instagram: datv12z 🤘
  2. Thanks! I guess I have to make some tension rods then -Antonio
  3. Hahaha I meant to say M137 but typed M156 lol! I did manage to power wash the block so I can start honing the cylinders. Unfortunately Sunnen AN-30 silicone compound is out of stock through my supplier I'm going to make some calls tomorrow -Antonio
  4. No, this is an M120. M156 is the single cam, so you had plans for the single cam. They are "cheap" until you open them up for a rebuild or try to get a stand alone lol
  5. Hahaha I know right?! Previous owner had it parked really close to a pond And yes, I'm very ambitious -Antonio
  6. Started to clean the pistons and rods -Antonio
  7. Hello everyone! I present you my Zonda/Mercedes Benz V12 powered 280Z build. I've been working on this project for almost 3 years. I'll share more as I make new progress. When I picked it up... Rust.... Lots of it! All frame rust done! Bad dog frame rails, coilovers, polyurethane bushings, seam sealed, and bed liner coated Still needs new body panels. I've started, but I need to take pics. -Antonio
  8. 16x10 205-55-16 all the way around
  9. Awesome looking car! I meant to stop by and chat with you, but I was busy working with our race team. -Antonio
  10. I got one too. $100 plus shipping, it came out of a low mileage 280ZX. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/116482-turbo-280zx-280z-parts-n42-head-turbo-exhaust-manifold-new-afm-and-more/ -Antonio
  11. PM'd I have the injectors and turbo line. -Antonio
  12. I have an N42 head for sale. It was on my running Z and I'm going a different route. It's all complete with 118K miles, $100 plus shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks! -Antonio
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