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  1. I was curious to know if anyone had done something like this for the S30 chassis. https://delaware.craigslist.org/cto/d/honda-k24-swapped-240sx/6485186930.html This has been tempting to buy for just the swap.
  2. A while back, I picked up an exhaust manifold with a welded on spacer that included a port for an external wastegate. Plans changed which has prompted me to use a stock manifold instead. What would this be worth? The bolts are there purely so they don't get lost.
  3. It sounds like this guy needs to have V2 and all the parts taken off his hands as he sounds quite distracted... I'm sure somebody around here would be willing to help him out haha
  4. I can't wait to be able to get one of these for myself! Hopefully, you'll still be selling after I'm finished with school. Do you have any more information on how your first customer's build went? A build sheet accompanied by a dyno sheet would be pretty great.
  5. Duragg, how much did Jim charge you for the running engine on a pallet? I'd like to make this swap happen for me.
  6. McGruber, are you still on stock struts and springs? Do you know what the offset is? I'm curious how they truly fit as the wheels have appealed to me for a long time. Could you post some more pictures?
  7. I was hoping to see who was in the area. The Air Force decided to stick me at Andrews AFB in a few months. I'll be bringing the Z out of storage finally. It's been a tough year without driving, and I'm itching to get back into the seat.
  8. My friend just told me he has a precision T3. This is what he has with compressor a/r of .60 and turbine a/r of .63. It would simplify the overall project. Just another T3. Should be the same DP that MSA carries. External gate that could either be introduced later to the exhaust or just dumped. Like you said Jester, the injectors should work adequately for this. I may eventually go L28 but this is what I have for now and engines aren't cheap nor plentiful in the southeast corner. PNWest coast is definitely best coast when it comes to Z cars. Tim, this is exactly why I asked! Sizing a turbo is somewhat daunting when I have little experience doing it. I had just read approving posts about the GT35r. Most of the posts I had read failed to mention the power they were throwing down though.
  9. I like the idea of using an ebay turbo to get a feel for the turbo sizing but my wallet doesn't. That's little gain for the money involved to basically try it out. Full boost around 3000 would be ideal. I liked the feel of the stock T3 in the L28et. If this engine will hold power up to 250... hell ya! I was just trying to get more opinions on different turbos for my application.
  10. This is how she looks right now. I need to move the IAT out in front of the TB to prevent heat soak. She runs pretty good right now. I will have her trailered to a dyno for tuning before street driving after the aspiration swap. My compression should be around 8.5:1 ish. It's high for an L series turbo, but I am alright with only running 6-10 psi. It's been shown that is an achievable number. I'd like to avoid the ebay turbo because I'm cheap. I would rather pay for a decent turbo upfront than pay for a cheap turbo AND a decent turbo because the first one failed. As for the rear end, it stays. I've already rid myself of the 3.36 r180. Right now I actually take off in second, get to speed (local speed limit is 45) and then granny shift. I only use 2 of the four speeds... 3 if you count reverse The 5spd will be very helpful with an overdrive if nothing else.
  11. So the white 77 that is my profile picture was turbo swapped. Stock computer and all. I sold her to a guy on base after I purchased my 73. Unfortunately, I really miss the turbo. It's addicting. My 240 started carb'd and soon gave me headaches. Eventually I said screw it and installed Megasquirt. Best investment towards reliability. I have no numerical horsepower goals. The idea behind the turbo install is for the extra power. I don't autocross or road race. Just want a quick street car. Plus the sound is always a bonus. So my current set up: L24 block E88 head. Injector notches and holes drilled/tapped. Stage 2 Schneider cam from MSA (previous owner installed) http://schneidercams.com/274FL6.aspx EFI intake, 240sx TB with spacer Pallnet style rail with ZXT injectors. -6an lines and fittings from the surge tank and back. Mitsubishi Starion Fuel pump Wideband without a gauge. Gauge could be installed for turbo applications EDIS ignition with crank sensor. no distributor. Ranger coilpack. MSA 2.5 inch exhaust from previous owner 4 speed trans. I have a 5spd that needs the case reinstalled before it can be swapped in. 3.90 Subie LSD with Wolfcreek axles Twin electric fans I would like to keep the L24 but if a whole L28et showed up for cheap, oh well. I don't like the stock turbo cam though as it feels to run out of steam about 5000. I have an intercooler, piping, and BOV from previous plans for the 77. I have a lead for an exhaust mani with external WG. He has a cheap ebay turbo too. Not sure I'd go that route, but I'm scrounging for pennies in the military. MSnS can control a EBC for me as I like the automated route. So what would you Z gods recommend as far as a turbo goes? I would like to keep the a/r around .63 as most people have good results. But I am open to suggestions. Sounds like the GT35R could be a good bet. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/108922-exhaust-porting-worth-it/
  12. Well, I think you guys have solved the cog sourcing for me! Thanks! Just need a new gauge now
  13. Yes, I have the correct tires. I know the cruising speeds that equate to be 5 over, but anything else is pretty much just a guess. I'd like to not rely upon my phone for a gps longer than needed.
  14. I just upgraded to the STI rear end and would like to make my speedometer accurate. Plus the fuel side of the other gauge has floated so that a full tank reads as a half. Thanks in advance!
  15. These are available at Oreilly's for $45. Not brand new but remanufactured with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Does not come with the reservoirs though
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