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  1. Phew! Good luck with the tuning!
  2. I would open the rad cap and check for bubbles or exhaust gas contamination. You could have a small head gasket leak. The system could also not be bleed down sufficiently. Stock engine, good thermostat, and a clean stock rad should cool well in 70 deg. temps. For a band-aid you could run water wetter and distilled water for coolant, assuming its not near freezing temps near you. I would also flush the coolant system, heater core and engine to be safe. I warped a cylinder head in the past to a clogged rad.
  3. Uhhh, that could be bad lighting...but your oil looks pretty milky. If it is, might also have something to do with your knocking sound. You should do a solid mechanical once over before you try to tune. You'll be chasing your tail trying to fix mechanical problems in the tune.
  4. LoL! I'm only laughing because i am guilty of building wheels for tire sizes that don't exist. The Maxxis is probably your best bet. What wheels would they be going on? https://www.maxxis.com/catalog/tire-513-102-victra-vr-1 https://classic.michelin.com/en/Competition-Classic-Tyre-range/TB-15 https://www.longstonetyres.co.uk/285-40vr15-pirelli-cinturato-p7.html Good luck!
  5. I have used a rb cx-racing swap kit in my build. Don't expect their parts to fit perfectly. You should expect to modify or replace parts from a kit to make it work. Some parts work out perfect and others are trash and probably included it the kits to make them "complete". All that said, I do like their kit's they get you 75% of the way there for and even lesser fraction of the price of other kits. I can't say much for tech customer service as i never bothered to call about issues with the products. If they suck, fix it and if its trash, bin it. I have used their customer service t
  6. I have the Marugen wing i have yet to install. The difference in the fiberglass work and mounting hardware is miles above Arita, and so is the price lol!
  7. Yeah, it's far from perfect. Its the Arita Speed five piece kit. I was unable to find one locally and ended up ordering one from Japan. The Shipping cost more than the parts! I cleaned it up, painted and installed it myself. The buckets are uneven, the lip makes a gap in the middle, and it has various other small issues. I enjoy it for now and when it bothers me enough I will go back and fix it. Really just about everything on the car is a "bit off" lol. A lot of it could be improved upon. 99% of the work on this car has been done by me in my garage as a first time experience. Not sure if I am
  8. So, I was randomly looking back through my old posts and stumble back on my intro for HBZ. 5 years ago I got hooked on Datsuns. I stopped posting to focus on reading and learning more. Because of the overwhelming amount of information available about these cars I didn’t find it necessary to ask many questions. I stopped updating my introduction after i bought the 76 280z. The 280z has come along way since then! In the past 5 years it’s seen a lot of redoing. Iv’e changed wheels, flares, engines, ECUs, a few times. Although not the most efficient way to modify a car, it is allowing
  9. Chickenman has been helping me tune my l28et running on megasquirt, and i felt compelled to write a review of his services. I have had MS3 running on my car for over a year now. I purchased a pre-built ECU and pre-made wiring harness from a forum member that is no longer able to provide support for his product. I don’t mind mechanical projects but I’m still pretty green when it comes to electrical systems, so i figured i would leave this part of the project to professionals. I got the car to run decently with some local help, but parts of the install and initial setup were incorrect and
  10. @Chickenman, oops....lol I heard annealing PLA gives it quite a bit of strength and heat resistance, supposedly better than ABS.
  11. Nice TPS mounting plate! I was thinking of printing one. You mind Sharing the STL? Also, when your ready to tune get a hold of Chinkenman. This gentleman knows his stuff and his support and patience are bar none!
  12. I'm running an old set of 255/50/r16 BFG's and thinking about making a switch to the r888. Let me know how it goes for you!
  13. Thanks Softopz for verifying. Ive' been off site for a while and since then installed 440cc high impedance injectors. I gather i did not have any sort of resistor pack since i did have PWM turned on before. Since the injector install, I turned off PWM and updated the REQ Fuel by using the calculator to 7.0. It started and ran a little rough but i held off running it long because i needed to address an exhaust leak near the o2 sensor. Softopsz, please PM me with a consulting rate. I would like you to verify some of my setting and ask you for a few tips and tricks.
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