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  1. Sry about the punctuation. I used to chat in alot of chat rooms, and that is just he way i learned to type ( for lack of a better way of putting it ). So i think i'm going to go with the l28 and just build it. Hopefully i can afford it.
  2. Well awesome I have never messed with turbos before and I've heard it can be complicated but if it's possible to get that kind of power out of the L28 then I need to look into that I just know most of the time its not a good idea to turbo a n\a motor or u risk the possibility of blown it had a buddy who did it and blew the motor in around 200 miles I just don't want that to happen I mean I'll prolly rebuild it before I turbo it ... Does anyone know the rule of thumb of what it cost to rebuild and turbo one??
  3. Well that would be a decent idea but turbo u got what 185hp im looking for closer to around 250 Ta 300 hp is that even economically affordable to get out of a L28 and can the internals hold up to a turbo on it
  4. beautiful man i just hope mine will end up look beautiful when its done...
  5. I cant seem to figure out how to post another pic so... i changed my profile pic... it has body damage on the door that needs to be fixed and the body kit is starting to separate from the body on the rear quarter panels that's bout it so not too bad... and yea it is a 2+2 but i have kids and a wife so i have to have a backseat... so its perfect for me lol... i love this car it runs amazing for being all original mechanically at least... i intend on completely restoring it... im not sure if i wanna rebuild original motor or put a vh in it yet... ive always wanted a 280 with a vh in it...
  6. Bought this car recently... was wondering if anyone knew what it would take to replace or fix the Kaminari Wide Body Kit thats on it... kinda new to body work... but i can do mechanics great... never heard of Kaminari till i bought this car... so i have no idea what its even worth... if anyone can help me out that would be great...!!!! I love this car... not my first 280 nor my first datsun... but first car ever with a body kit lol... would love to be able to restore this beauty....
  7. I know this is an old post... but.... i have just bought a 280zx with this body kit... picture is attached... i need to fix this body bad... but it still dont look too bad was wondering what a new body kit would cost for this if i was to just replace it... with new...
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