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  1. Idnevno

    TT 350 Update

    Yeah, speaking of other projects in the making, i am converting my l28et with a 50 shot and 25 psi over to a turbo charged 350. I am using the old Martin turbo setup since it only cost me 200 dollars, and the holley Pro Jection setup. I think more people need to be doing turbocharged 350's, They just look so much more impressive when you open the hood. I will try and post pics in the next couple days.
  2. Idnevno

    clutch/tranny problem/question

    I totally agree, you should be able to to shift very smoothly almost no matter what as long as the synchros are good, if the synchros are not good, then you would probably grind gears going in, or the shifter would have a tendency to pop out of gear under load, or sometimes it makes it extremely difficult to shift. You may also have a problem with the pilot bushing did you put a new one in??
  3. Idnevno

    clutch/tranny problem/question

    It is probably going to be an internal problem inside of the transmission especially when you said the level was low. My first guess is that the synchros might not have all been changed and if so you could have warped or hurt one by being run low on oil. I would also wonder if they checked the shift rods for straightness?? If they are not straight then they tend to bind where they run through the case and not want to go into gear. If you want to pull it out or even bring the car to me i would be happy to break open the trans. and take a peek at it for you and then go from there. We are located maybe 30 miles away from ya i think, not to sure though. -Dave http://www.CreationZ.biz
  4. LOL!!!!!! Maybe they look to be the right size!!!!
  5. Idnevno

    Frame Rail Repair

    I just opened up my own shop out here in Sterling Va. Me and my friend used to work at Datsun Dynamics i worked there for 8 years my buddy 3. We are doing all sorts of work to all types of cars including frame rail and rust repair. If you all need references i have many you can talk to. Give us a shout sometime or feel free to e-mail us. -Dave http://www.CreationZ.biz
  6. Idnevno

    solid motor mounts?

    that sounds pretty good. I just figured if your going to be putting down power that the frame might rip out or solid would twist the car. not so sure of which one would be better. i guess you are right though that it would be seat of the pants feel. well i guess i am off to mocking some up so i can get my motor in there one of these next weeks. right now though i think i am just going to put the L98 from the vette in their with the Martin turbo, until i can do the blown LT1. well thank you guys very much for the input and i'll go do some more research on it. -Dave
  7. I have a 77 280z of which i plan on putting in a blown small block. i haven't seen or heard to much on what style of motor mount or trans. mount people are running with V8 conversions. Do you all still run a rubber mount, urethane, or do you go solid. If solid is the way to go any recommendations on re-enforcing the frame rails in order to take the torque or twist of the engine under hard acceleration? I have a brand new 1992 LT1 Corvette engine of which i plan on rebuilding and modifying heavily in order to withstand 10 - 15 Psi of boost. With this much power i was just unsure of what style of mount is recommended. The ride quality does not concern me at all, for almost all of the suspension i am installing came off a SCCA GT2 280Z racecar that was full tubeframe chassis. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. -Dave
  8. Idnevno

    triple weber 50

    i have a set of used triple weber 50's with a manifold that came off of my car. they are practically brand new that i know of. i was curius as to how much these things are worth being 50's. i look on ebay all the time but no one is selling 50's. if anyone has an idea of what they are worth please let me know it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Idnevno

    Quad Cam V8

    i can't believe no one has mentioned an Aston Martin Lagonda engine around mid '70s. from what i remember i believe they put out around 500 horse stock. they are also all aluminum dohc v8 engines.
  10. Idnevno

    vibration shake??

    i have noticed that when my car is sitting settled on the ground i am roughly 2 inches off the pavement and my axles are at the opposite angle therefore creating an odd vibration. anyone have this problem as well or has anyone raised their diff up to compensate for this angle?? Dave
  11. anyone know if they make a low profile tire for a 16x12 rim? i would really need it to be streetable. i know i can get slicks but didn't know if they made a street tire in something like a 335/35/16???? i searched somewebsites that i know of but couldn't find any information. if anyone knows anything that might help it would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  12. Idnevno

    Has anyone fabricated a mustache bar?

    i may have a couple moustache bars layin around for an R200 if not i am sure i can pull one out of one of my parts cars if ya want i'll charge ya 25 bucks for it you pay the shipping...... i should have a few i can send ya pics of em if ya want. and yes they are made of 1/4 inch tempered spring steel. i have broke 1 of them myself as well.
  13. hey try http://www.fibreglast.com that is who we use up at work all the time for all of our carbon, glass, and kevlar needs.
  14. couple obvious ideas not sure if you checked yet.... what is your fuel pressure at the rail??? and are all of the injectors firing equally?? all sound the same with same intensity of click as well consistent firing pattern of sound? what is the injector voltage? also have you checked to see if the cold start injector is hanging up (stuck open)? back to the fuel pressure thing is it a consistent fuel pressure at the rail or does it spike up and down alot? bout all the ideas i can come up with right now... Dave