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  1. I just got the new wheels and tires on the car. Here's the specs, and the pics. Fitment's as tight as I heard it was but no rubbing noticed. Car: 1978 280z Wheels: XXR 002 16x8 et0, 3.5" lip Tires: Dunlop Direzza DZ101 225/50/16 Suspension: stock Now I just need to bring it down out of the sky!
  2. That's cheaper than what you can get a set of replacement KYB GR2's for via Rockauto. NewZed, since they said that they do have them, are they orderable but just not updated on the website for the 280z kit?
  3. That's more than my car had! Mine was literally just the pin, no bushings at all. Best $5 fix ever. Here's a video of how loosey-goose mine was and how much it firmed up for comparison's sake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4oq-DyHkAk
  4. Great video and for some reason I now have the urge to buy Clarion speakers.
  5. I haven't laid eyes on them personally in person, but looking at the specs, the Suspension Techniques front sway bar is slightly thicker (25 vs 29mm). It looks like you get a bit more hardware with TS than MSA.
  6. Natural rubber vs. urethane should make too much of a difference. Both natural rubber and urethane can come in a variety of durometers. There is a durometer tester that you can acquire to determine for certain what hardness they are but it won't matter much as suppliers of these parts don't advertise durometer so it's not like it will lead you to making an informed purchase of supplier A over supplier B.
  7. Good to know of another parts source that I hadn't heard of before. Though, scrolling through their list, the prices seem to be insane! It's a shame they don't have any pictures of their product on their website that I can see.
  8. It's hard to tell in the pic, but can you run a die over them and cut some new threads?
  9. Nice! I like that idea. Its well hidden and serves a great purpose.
  10. Here's the best picture I can find of someone trying to do something here:
  11. Half the guys don't paint them and just leave them in the black they come as. If you do paint them, there are specific primers to use to help alleviate any issue with painting polyurethane. I just got mine out of the body shop and they used Glazer plastic primer, 2 coats. I haven't done anything specific to reduce sag as there isn't any issue currently and I don't drive fast enough in the car to worry about the aerodynamic sag yet. However, some guys are just running heim jointed arms and tying the front lip of the air dam up to a hard point on the body somewhere to help out with that.
  12. Just did some digging and "candy" only returns one result when you search on it in that thread and its not those wheels. I'll have to keep manually digging to see for sure then. I did a little more research and looks like Konig offers them in a 15x7.5 +30 or 16x7 +40. I agree, offsets like that aren't something I want to get into for the Z.
  13. Looks like it turned out pretty well! How difficult would you say it was?
  14. Thanks, those are close but not quite the same. The difference in lip between the two is pretty big. tomato, tomahto. Updated title.
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