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  1. The plan was to use most of the GC's wiring. Really the only parts of the Datsun harness I was planning on keeping were the lights and the wipers. Everything else is going to go away. I've got the GC still in running condition as it will still need to go to the fab shop once I have the sheet metal work done on the Z. Floor boards will be here this week. I've also worked out how to adapt the GC's fuel tank to the 280's frame. I had to cut out the spare tire well due to rust... made a lot of room there. If it wasn't for the rust and the boat anchor of an L28 I'd most likely have a driveable car. Anyone want an L28? N42 head with the appropriate block. No clue on the condition of the internals. All you need to do is come and get it... I'd hate to have to recycle the motor as I think this is a fairly desirable head/block combo.
  2. Updates: Most of the unuseable stuff from the GC has been sold off leaving me with basically a shell, some seats and the important electrical bits. I've got the Datsun nearly completely tore down. Media blaster has arrived but it has been raining everyday for the last week, so... no blasting for me. Pulled the main body harness of the datsun to convert the fuse block to the blade type. Anyone else ever planning on doing this build: this is a lot easier going than I had expected. Tearing down a 2010 car is a lot easier than tearing down the one built in 1975. Update album: http://vecanis.imgur.com
  3. Looks like the floor pans have already been replaced. I don't see any of the normal "Datsun" stamped stuff there... its just flat.
  4. ^^^ This. I had a cracked injector in my Z31 that caused this exact issue.
  5. Looks very cool so far... one small thing. Are you sure that the turbo will properly spool when mounted in that orientation? I know the stock setup has the turbo on the driver side, but I think by mounting it in reverse like you have might force it to actually suck from the intake side of the turbine. I've got it in my head that vains are directional.
  6. My final goal was to make this just be a fun car. Looking at some SCCA/ AutoCross events in my area. The main goal was to do something a bit different than the normal Z rebuild. The car is in rough shape and its a common 280 so there was never a plan for a full factory restore (saving that for a 240 when/if I come across a good candidate.) My initial plan was to go the VQ route but now I have a 350 that replaced the GC. I really liked the motor in the GC with its small and fast to spool turbo, I think it will be a good fit for the much lighter S30 chassis. Btw does anyone know anyone that wants a relatively good L28/ 4 Speed tranny combo? I also have what looks to be a complete set a replacement gears for the 4 speed still NIB (wax covered OEM nissan parts). Its missing a starter and doesn't look to have run in about 10 years. I would have done more testing but the original harness looks has been cut all the pieces and very poorly spliced back together. (One of the main reasons for abandoning the L28) $100 for the set, you come and pull it.
  7. The paint luckily is rust colored.(Go Datsun on poor color choices.) The worst part was the hood which will not be reused. I have another 280 hood that has the vent louvers that I'll be using. Thanks for the feedback. I've gone through the FSM for the GC, luckily the trim model I have has exactly no anti-theft deterence built in aside from a central locking system with a door alarm. Everything is modular and well marked, I really dig the build quality the Koreans have been pushing here lately. I suspect the hardest part will be trying to adapt the Thorsen LSD of the GC to the rear end of the S30. One of the perks of home ownership is that I can leave the donor car under a cover without attracting any undue attention while I whittle it down. The one piece that I am going to regret not being able to move over are going to be the stock Brembo's... there is no way they'll stuff into anything smaller than 18's and the S30 doesn't look right with anything bigger than 15".
  8. Hey all, long time luker. I have recently purchased a field recovery 280 for fairly cheap. I am in the process of stripping the car of all her sheet metal to do a media blast and sheet metal repair. Looking at replacing both floor boards and the driver side frame rail. The rest of the body appears to be in excellent shape. Now for the odd bit. I have recently totalled my Genesis Coupe with a 2.0T. I plan on swapping out the L28 for the Theta out of the GC. Thoughts or suggestions on this? I know everything I'll be doing is uncharted territory. I will have the complete GC and will most likely do a "simple" cut and paste of all the major systems of the GC in the S30, which from spitballing and some tape measure guesswork looks like it will fit easily. I've got some before pics of the 280, and of the wrecked GC. (I know the damage on the GC doesn't look bad, frame was twisted.)
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