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  1. A little update: Mounted the Laine family sbf cradle kit which fit perfectly with no problems whatsoever. Very good design, adjustability, and quality is outstanding. All parts needed are included and in my opinion it was completely worth it. After dropping the motor in once for a trial fit I took it back out and am planning on giving it a good wash and doing a few preventative maintenance things to it such as the oil pan gasket and rear main seal. A fresh new clutch and flywheel went into it as well! Comin along comin along...possibly the slowest swap ever witnessed
  2. BubbaDog127

    Cobra 5.0 280z

    This is my 1977 280z that I'm in the process of dropping a 5.0 in. Check out my profile to follow my post, which I will be uploading in as well.
  3. Last night, I finished installing the clutch master cylinder (Wilwood part #260-6765 7/8"bore). I had to swap out the push rod to the original Z one, which was relatively easy. The worst part was laying upside down in the cab. I also drilled the hole for the mustang wiring harness and fitted everything for that. For the visual people-
  4. Test fit of the fuel tank from the 95 Im going to bend the straps against the tank and use garage door insulation for the tank strap. For those wondering, the tanks are nearly identical in shape. The only problem I ran into is having to extend one of the tank straps. On the attached side by side comparison, the mustang tank is on the top and Z tank is on bottom. Pretty close if you ask me!
  5. Since I've been pretty busy with school, I haven't had much opportunity to work on the Z. I'm focused on getting everything wired up correctly before I drop the motor in so it'll be easy to plug and play. Last thing I did was the fusible link mod since half of them were missing and I had a few stereo installation parts laying around. I also did the rear bumper delete and fitted the fuel tank from the 95 cobra. WOW- I cannot believe how close it is. All it needed was a longer bolt for one tank strap and a filler neck adapter. Here's the fusible link mod pic: lots of thanks to
  6. IMHO, LS swaps are the easiest way to go. If I had not had this 'Cobra', I would've just done what everyone else does and drop an LS in. Maybe next time around! Ive got a few buddies interested in the LS family of engines, so taking this 5.0 and schoolin them with it will be fun You'll be the guy I'll go to with LS questions though, Ive seen your builds and they're awesome.
  7. Actually, some guy happened to have a 302 engine cradle/tranny combo from the Laine family website that I snatched off Craigslist for $200. I've seen some homemade ones but I'm going to try to do it the easy way! But yes I'll be going the EFI direction. I see too many LS1 swaps in Camaros, Novas, pickups, you name it, so I wanted to be different and keep to my Ford knowledge (which many would say isnt much ). Arlington! I need to find some Z guys around here just in case I mess up some wiring
  8. Hey guys! This is going to be my thread for my 5.0 swap in my 1977 280z. A little history....I picked up a 77 280z from a guy in Texas. Its not a bad car for the price. I had this crazy idea to drop a 5.0 in it, since I've got a 1995 mustang GT as a DD. I bought a 1995 GTS with a full Cobra motor in it from an auction website and parted out the rest of the car. My dad had a bunch of Z's back in the day, and I wanted to build something he would enjoy as much as I would. Please if you like any of this, let me know! I would love to keep posting some pics and hopefully get some
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